Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc
 Open phone line for questions for owners of Lake Tarpon Village (727) 475-1906 
Owner sprinkler regulation information: also on facebook, look for Water Matters.  Lake Tarpon Village is regulated by this state department Southwest Florida Water Management District. (SWIFTMUD) 
2013 Payments made monthly for our common grounds:  BB&T, 5830 142nd Ave N, Clearwater FL 33760-2819 (727) 373-1900
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Our Logo                                                                                                          
Seen throughout the village.
Thank you Charles Hecht for our logo.  You will see license plates on some of our automobiles and on golf cart windshields.  The village has been a wonderful place to express ourselves and meet and join new groups.  The directory is printed up each year  with our new neighbors names phone numbers and the state they hale from.    We only get very political when our moneys are being spent  without input from the 507 owners or without merit.   
A Message to our New Residents
Retirement is our goal.  There are 507 with different agendas and needs.  We are here to be your neighbor.  Be safe on our entrance highway, if you are new to Pinellas County, know that there are many accidents.  Many from our village know first hand from their own experiences unfortunately.  So know how to avoid it's danger.
Many of us are just starting out at 55 and some under.  We are the lively group with many new ideas.  Please be reaspectful to our long-time residents.  Enjoy the history they have to share with us.  The buddy system has worked for decades here.  Find your nitch, enjoy your new corner of the world.  This web site was created to share the experience with you and have a running record of how we became owners of our own "park" Atty. Demonte calls it / the owners say village.  In our public records it shows us as Lake Tarpon Mobile Home Park, not to be associated with a trailer "park" the land we own makes a big difference, our lots are at least 60x110'.   We are a Corporation Not-For-Profit, we have a nine member board that manages the common grounds, we have a management company that assists in the day-to-day costs and vendors we use for services.  We are not an HOA.  We the property owners are the owners of the common areas and facilities of the village.  We are the site owners of record, the owners of record.
We have our own OZ who is very active in the village in many of the clubs.  The following is an interesting and exceptional site for any health matters. 
DR OZ          ALSO direct YouTube site for Doctor Oz    CLICK HERE
YMCA in Palm Harbor Webpage  Click Here


Enjoy our Olympic-size pool.
We heat the pool throughout the winter for your enjoyment until our nights become unreasonably cool.    We do our best.  At present, Mark Munir and John Hassett keep a sharp eye on it.  Mark is at the board meetings on the 3rd Thursday at 5pm.      See below with the title Water Aerobics. 

Welcome home Snowbirds
A special message from all residents who stay year round to all our snowbird neighbors we enjoy as they venture back from the north country.  It has been very quiet in past years; but we see more and more residents staying year round.  It has been a pleasure to see all the new faces, and all the new updates to each of the properties.  
How we pass the time between letters from home?
Shuffleboard, Water Aerobics, Yoga, Horseshoes, Golf Clubs, Bowling, Line Dancing, Cards, Billiards, Crafts, Golden Anniversary Celebrations, Pool Parties, Scavanger Hunts, Chinese Raffle, Moonlite Cruises, Travel Tours, Pizza Parties, Superbowl Party, Boating, Fishing, Dinners, Golf Cart Parades, Boat Parades, monthly bulletin, Gospel Show and Church at the clubhouse on Sundays.
Our activities are endless and hard to keep track of;  (2) two calendars are under EVENTS and one listed at the top of this page under Village Calendar.  With the  sunrise on the lake and the sunset on the Gulf of Mexico, diligent walkers are driven by fresh air each am and pm daily, so pick a partner or put on your mp3 player.
Any  comments within the membership can be viewed at our group at  This group can be joined by submitting to the editor who you are in our village.  
Ameri-Tech belongs to Michael Perez, and is the management company that was hired in October 2008 to support the board and keep their information current, Ameri-Tech was paid over $500 for the website  in 2009, and LTV then paid $65 quarterly until a year later when it was found to be abandoned by the company they paid, (it was mostly an advertisement for Ameri-Tech and Bright House ) the board does not allow this webiste ( to be advertised in our bulletin even though it is done by an individual homeowner in the village.  Ameri-Tech does not keep the board website.  It has been assigned to a number of volunteers from the village. No volunteers have ever been asked for at the board meetings.  The last payment for to the company that did nothing was $20 in December 2010,  Mike Perez's company manages the day-to-day expenses providing the checks to be signed by two board members.  Our monthly operating expenses are listed below.  The management company sends out violations letters, yearly payment booklets, voting literature.  The company ran our 2009 annual meeting VOTE.  Ameri-Tech ran the 2010 board election with many flaws.  Ameri-Tech states that "We didn't do anything illegal.  April is not a good start time for any voting by owners.  Any vote should be done while the majority of owners are present to be witness to the process.  On February 17, 2011 the owners voted no to the 45 rules and regulations proposed.

You live here, you belong to the association.  You own the clubhouse, the pool, the common grounds, etc., the board regulates these areas and is responsible for their upkeep.  Your property should always be your domain only, there is rarely a problem of homeowners respecting the lot variances and the upkeep unless there is a hardship that arises.   The monies generated by each of the clubs in the association accounts is posted inside the clubhouse.  The profits made are used for the benefit of the village.

Owners and renters alike can participate in a social life right here in our village.

ANNUAL BOAT CRUISE sponsored by the boat club. (FREE)  Boats depart at noon and 2 pm  This annual event is in March each year.  Commodore of the boat club plans monthly moon-lite cruises (look for them on the full moon with sign-up sheets on the boat club billboard in the clubhouse), also  with the addition of the aqua scavenger hunt and tour the lake during the daylight hours.  These are all excellent ways to see the sites on Lake Tarpon.  If you have never been out on the lake before, this program is one of our best, be sure to not miss it.

The recycle paper bins supports the boat club activities.  Please remove any plastic bags before placing in paper bin, no cardboard please.  The paper bin is presently on the south side of the clubhouse.  Our golfers sponsor and maintain the Tin cans just next to the paper bins. Cans can be placed in plastic bags, be sure to tie up the bags please.  Both of these are not big fund raisers, but a service with small dividends, and a group with a handful of volunteers that are organized to keep it running smoothly.


Aerobics start at 10 am daily Monday through Friday weather permitting.  The pool is heated, and most residents are mindful that the Olympic size pool is impossible to heat once the evening temperature reaches 65º and below.  Mark Munir is diligent in keeping the pool comfortable and sends daily emails to anyone who asks to be added to his list.  The solar panels on the roof of the shower room provide a minimal amount of heat for the pool, they were placed there without a vote in 2007 when the then board president reported that the fire marshal deemed the stairs to the sun deck unsafe.  A chemical that provides a thermal cover on cool nights to hold in the heat was used, at this writing they may have stopped.  The pool is heated by natural gas.  The pool is beautiful but unused in any inclement weather.  Our clubhouse is a showcase, even now with it being the oldest structure in the village.

Neither the authors, editors, or members, who take part in this news bulletin, take responsibility for any possible consequence with regard to any violation or breach, while the Lake Tarpon Village web defines its boundaries keeping the integrity of its contents following the need heard from the Village residents.  Subject matter will be kept light, as we do at the koffee klatsch on Saturday mornings, with a bit of history and overview as an addition. 
Information is corrected if noted by the membership.   All information is presented for enjoyment and property owner information.  This information is updated daily or weekly as needed.  Permission is never granted for commercial purposes.  This site originated in 2004.  Lake Tarpon Village web is authored as a hobby, as a volunteer like so many of our residents who want to give back for their enjoyment here in Pinellas County (just below the freeze line).  If the humidity ever gets in the 30s, which it never does, take your plants in, they will burn off or die.
Our Expenses vs our income is not made clear.  This may be a better picture with our income of $86.18 x 507 = ($43,693.26 x 12 months) $524,319.12 from the residents to maintain our common grounds. Also income from apartments $14,000+, Boat slip fees $4,800, storage fees $13,400. INCOME  $ 530,297.00  This is over half a million for property with the assessed value of $816,000.  WE ARE IN GREAT SHAPE. 
MONTHLY operating expenses –
                                ..........Revenue over $500 THOUSAND YEAR 2009

5010  We need a breakdown on “administrative expense” each month

5900 . Attorneys (2)  for liens against owners,

7001 . Electric (5) clubhouse, dock, office, shower room, street lights

7000 . Gas (propane) stove clubhouse

6230 . Gas (natural) pool

6100.6510.7910 . General Maintenance - dock clubhouse pool seawall electric plumbing

5300.5310.5320.5340 Insurance (4)

6120 .  Janitorial $740

5400 . Lawn service $755

5800 . Management company/2009 Ameri-Tech  $2,535/month plus $400 for 4 hours/week

6300. Mortgage plus the Swap

6170.6180 . Pest Control

6200.6210.6200 . Pool maintenance, chemicals and monthly contract $658

7005 . Telephones (2), internet (office), cable for clubhouse $146

7002.7004 . Water/Sewer $228/$2,712.45

YEARLY operating expenses:
                                                                        ...........that you will see on the finances but are confusing

5910 . Audit – Page for non-tax status Corporation Not For Profit  $6,000

5610 . Florida State Corporation fee   ($70)

6160 . Inspection backflow certificate  ($166.67)

6500 . Lease dock fee Pinellas County ($1,296 approx.)

8000 . Operating Contingency(Pool $2,324, SusanTraylor CPR $260, Paving $100,000) NEW IN 2009

7900 . Share redemptions (seven shares each January) 

The 8000 line item above (operating contingency) is used to charge off FINES PAID to the state and county for non-compliance.
RULES were never followed by June's board nor Ameritech when this line item was added in 2009 with a $30,000 budget without the vote of the 507 owners.  Fines are paid without mention.  "Shame, shame shame."
 Our village does not need the board to chose and maintain our individual properties or our common areas with any of the following: 
No suggested vendor list delivered to private property by our hired management company
No wish lists to spend down the monies received from maintenance of the common area money to cause assessment
No lawn pest control on individual properties 
No lawn service on individual properties
No privacy pool fence "for a resort effect" and to restrict entry.  The hurricane fence is meant for just that, and has sustained over the years. 
No cable  - The FCC does not allow contracts on personal property attached through common area ownership
No weed control at the dock, we have never had this in over 40 years, "It is a waste of money" per board member in charge of the dock.
No locks on common areas without  "owners of record" having the combination or key 
No common mail boxes
No resurfacing pool area. The surface was made ruff as a safety feature for slip and fall incident. In 2013 an engineer found it a good surface
No moneymaker in real estate deals as we are now paying back taxes on foreclosed properties as of October 2013
No excuse for not having a deed to the common grounds legally recorded before the Bank of America loan is paid in 2018.
These services are done in our neighboring co-op mobile home parks.  It brings the maintenance fees up, and up, and up.  
In 2018 The mortgage will be paid and  the maintenance will go down by some $30. 
No increase in 2012 and 2013. Any increase is linked to the social security increase with the Judgment of February 13, 2005 Case No. 03001909-CI-15. It was attached to our non-existent Covenant that had expired in 1997 by Attorney Hightower.  When there are future increases in the maintenance fee, it will only be on the actual maintenance fee.   It will not  increase by the mortgage fee attached to the maintenance.  There is a $30 a month attachment to the maintenance fee each month to pay this mortgage on the common ground.  
If your monthly payment to the village is rejected for any reason, this is an illegal act.  This was done by Attorney Tankel in 2006, he was eventually fired by the board for how he handled our vote meeting March 26, 2007.  See his recorded message under EVENTS 2006 to 2007 - Aug
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