Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc
From The BULLETIN September 2008 from Ed Grabau
We had 205 total returns of our written consent forms, if all were yes's which they were not we needed 391 to pass. As a result of non-participation by the Village the following has resulted. Our Committee of 5 owners, (Sue Anderson, Bill Otto, Kay Dunn, Paula Chamley, and Shirley Koran) to interview 7 prospective managers, recommend 3 which will then be interviewed by the Board, and a manager will be voted on at our October meeting. I have decided not to run for the Board for another 3 years of total frustration and aggravation where the Board's hands are tied for raising monies, enforcing any rules, or even changing the 75% to simple majority where the Village still has a say before anything can be changed. The current mentality of the Village is that the President, The board, the Manager, the CPA, and the Attorney are all against it. We are doing the best job we know how under very trying circumstances, following the laws of the State of Florida. As long as the maintenance (assessment) fees stay tied to the Social Security cola of 2% and the government will keep it that way, the Village will fall further behind in keeping up with inflation. As the Village roads get worse, unmaintained properties increase, more boats and trailers in driveways increase, more parked cars on the sidewalks all day and night, your property values will further decrease even if the economy turns around. Because of low maintenance fees, a different class of people will buy roperty in the Village. We will have three Board members terms of office ending, Ed Grabau, Patty Hill, and Don Keifrider. We will need at least 3 resumes for our annual meeting in January. For some excitement we had the county wild life officer come and catch a 9 foot, 6 foot, and 3 foot gator by the docks. You can see some of the results on our website,
Ed Grabau
After reading the reply to me from Bill Ballentine, Dean Young, Bob Kellner, Gordon Malone, and John Noah, July 22, 2008 on the bulletin board by the pool I've decided to resign not only from the presidency but also from the Board as of today July 23, 2008. Let one or all 5 of the above manage the Village with their expert CPA Tom Kaluga. Without a total commitment of 507 homeowners nothing will change except to see this lovely community become a trailer park. This village has been living on volunteers; when they stop and I'm one, the services provided will have to come from licensed business people and your cost will escalate. I'm truly sorry, but my health (mental and physical) is more important than this community.
PPS-- I want to thank the Board and everyone who volunteered their time and services to the village during my term as President. We were a team doing a difficult job under the circumstances
June Sloan signs Ameri-Tech contract.  Several items are questioned by the owners but not addressed

September 9, 2008 New Management Company

August 11, 2008  $3,921 RECOVERED

3/12 Ed G takes over as Webmaster
7/1 Financial statement posted in the bulletin made no sense to the residents.
7/3 Sue Digrandi resigned at today's meeting. She gives 60 day notice.
It was announced there will be no board meetings for August and September
Residents suggested that an audit be done when the new management company comes in. (To become licensed as a Community Association Manager (LCAM) a person simply contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in Tallahassee. They regulate LCAM's. An excellent source of information is CAI, Community Association Institute, are you a member? You can call Laura Hagen at the St. Pete office 727-345-0165. They have lots of info and seminars) Anyone in the village can be a licensed management company!
7/5 Sonja receives letter requesting the clubhouse for town meeting November 12 evening.
7/5 Tom sends email to the board and passes the contents to 170 residents. The email is posted on this blog just below
7/6 Ed calls DaMonte to get another management company
7/8 Sonja confirmed Nov 12 date for the clubhouse for LTG with some objection occurring
7/8 Storm with some damage to the village two homes lost their roofs
7/22 Consent form defeated with 208 including the 70 or so solicited by Ed Gs group for those he knew did not vote.
7/23 Ed and Sue close down the swimming pool and have it emptied even though the repair could have been done without the draining. Enough of the owners who use the pool complained so that Ed and Sue were forced to re-fill the pool and remove the crime tape used to secure the area, so the residents would not be concerned that a crime was committed or was there.
7/23 Ed resigned from the board at a meeting that was not posted. Nick, Sue, Paula were present
7/25 another meeting at the office with Paula, Kay D, Nick and Sue A
7/28 Sue A takes over as president
8/11 Three board members showed up for the meeting. Nick V didn't arrive until 25 after three. Sue A had Paula C looking for a telephone in the office that the repair man left. Paula C went looking for it in the office and came back to say she couldn't find it. Sue A sent her back to the office again and this time she said she found it. After Nick V got there they started the meeting and couldn't make a connection with June S. After trying several times Sue A gave up and used her cell phone, and after three or four tries she finally got to June S on the cell phone. June S kept complaining she couldn't hear anything on Sue A's cell, but finally they took a vote to appoint Judy Y to the board. For the Record August 11, 2008 from our LTG: Rarely in the last four years of the board's existence has a meeting been held properly and by the rules. No one can remember any. Will there be minutes for today's board meeting as there was for the secret meeting when Glenda hired PMS. LTV recovered the $3921 on the fence, but there was no deposit for the $3,921 in the July bank statement. We will look in the August statement. The attorney fee to get this $3,921 back will be on the August statement. The pool repair was $500, the refill cost will be on the August water bill.

8/4 From an E-mail: At the Monday meeting next week at 3pm the remaining board will appoint Judy Y to the board replacing Ed G, there is not a quorum of board members so they will do it over the phone. June S is acting president and is not in Florida so Sue A is acting sort-of president. Sue Digrandi of PMS was told that our documents do not state anywhere that a quorum can be acquired by adding someone by phone. Her answer to Gordon M was "Oh well."

July 24, 2008 – WHAT NEXT $9,700.18 SPENT FOR NOTHING

You have to watch the shop or someone is going to take your money:

$3,921 for a FENCE we didn't get, and now

$5,779.18 for a CONSENT form we didn't want

$9,700.18 is what we paid out while we were gone for NOTHING

corrected figures for the consent form: Postage $ 518.20 +Printing $532.98 + Attorney $3,328.00 + two attorney trips to club house at $700.00 each= $5,779.18 spent on consent forms

July 1, 2008 Delivered to All Summer Residents This Week
JULY 13, 2009 The village had Rebecca O'Dell TownsendRebecca as a guest speaker for the Constitution of the United States.  There were several board members trying to discourage her talk, and they requested she leave after her speech.  Members went on to Tiffany's Restaurant to ask questions of Rebecca.  Rebecca would not be silenced.  She was excellent.  If you ever have a question on our rights, be sure to give her a call.  Her office is in St. Petersburg.  If you would like to hear more go to