Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc
2010 September First order of business
2011 coupon book increase
- None -
When there is a percentage of social security increase in 2012 to our maintenance fee, it will ONLY be on the actual maintenance fee.  This covers the day-to-day vendor expenses, office expense, etc., utilities and the repair of the common grounds.
This percentage increase of social security will not  increase by the mortgage the owners pay for with their approx $30 attached in 2004 to the maintenance by the (some say) suspicious vote counted in Attorney Hightower's office after the LC judgment in Clearwater causing this $30 increase to everyone. 
Be sure to update your phone numbers with Marianne if they have changed. 
Wish List of the Managers
The privacy fence placed around the storage compound was ment to hide the unsightly storage area. 
The management company is suggesting that we also hide our pool.  There is a three percent advantage to the management company for any project over $10,000.  The present hurricane fence is not unsightly, we have no need for a privacy fence with security locks and six spy cameras (bids asked for over the summer 2010 without mention at a board meeting).  This consideration is directed at exlusivity, the clubhouse has been underutilized already; the common grounds are FOR the "site owners of record" and their guests.  A resort feel is not our goal, this is not a "park" and this is not a "resort".
Update: The board has tabled the idea of placing cameras in the sun bathing area.  Once in place there will be designated monitoring from a home computer.  Who??  Volunteers?  No.  As the website made free and then $240 a year due to "no volunteers" we paid for a webmaster for the boards' site until it was found to be un-manned, we no longer pay this company, the last entry was December 2010 for $20.  Who got the ad money for Brighthouse that used this site for their information?  
The sun deck over the changing rooms were taken away without asking the owners or a vote.  The Sunday night at the movies was supposed to fund these panels maintenance.  This, over time, became the owners responsibility to maintain.  When Penny Moscato asked Tony Tescano why we had to pay for something we did not vote for, he said it was because the panels are already on the common property, and it is now our responsiblity to maintain them.  The big screen tv stopped working Sunday March 6, 2011.  We will supply new TV for the Sunday Night at the movies group. 
The wish list of the board continues to be a drain on our three figure funds available for use by the 507 owners for projects they should have common discussion of; and Ameri-Tech, who has been signing all checks for our board over the last year without any mention at a board meeting that it was turned over to them with signature cards.  Reasons given lately for their actions that bills will not be paid on time is not a strong enough reason to go against our governing documents.  The president, June Sloan and the treasurer, Sue Anderson are in violation of our By Laws IX, Section 8 DUTIES.
During the summer of 2010 additional discussion at meetings and with e-mail for new drywall ceilings, new tiled floors, new surveillance cameras in the clubhouse and throughout the pool area pipped into "your own living room", new changing rooms, new bathroom stalls, new surface around pool area, pool fences, special "member" entry cards, Brighthouse broadcast from the board into every home, personal handyman and personal attorney.  
Anyone in the village should be aware of this list and they should be in agreement that these things can be paid for by the general fund we are all connected to.
Grand theft is sometimes defined as spending someone else's money on what they want.
Through the summer of 2010 we have had pool parties twice a month on the second and fourth Thursday.  Ameri-Tech was not in the office July 22 or on August 5.  Betty volunteered as our pool monitor over the summer with no unauthorized visitors noted; the same 15 people were there pretty much there every day.  Ed kept the card playing going in the main hall of the clubhouse.  It was kept very cool.