Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc
Will EVENTS 2012 and 2013-Aug tell the story?

When Lake Tarpon Village realized we had so much cash on hand (due to comments from owners that participated at board meetings) a few years ago, it became necessary for the attorney and management company to direct the board how to eliminate the problem of full disclosure.  A gag order was placed on all owners of the common ground this year.  The 507 owners now have an issue of TO MUCH DESCRETIONARY MONEY to be delegated by 9 people with no financial background.  Playing into the hands of the attorney and management company the only ones that stand to gain by their total control; painting ourselves into an unwanted corner, their strategy is suicide.  The attorney and management company are taking full advantage of the board's ignorance on ALL business issues.

They are trying to make the already too much discretionary money into not enough discretionary money.  They will gouge until our coffers are empty with directed projects and added language in our documents causing personal loss in court with the board attorney.


Keeping the 507 out of the decision making is against the law, and they are getting away with it because of a number of tactics to make the owners feel helpless to dispute decisions.  The owners are not aware of the undermining going on.

The Constitution of the United States is a guideline for us to live by.  The first ten (10) Articles in our United States Constitution regulate the government.  All thirteen (13) of the following LTV Covenants, on the other hand, regulate us the owners of record by the 9 board members calling themselves "management."  All power to the board.  No powers to those paying for the common ground. 
With the board attorney's blessing, and much like the 45 rules that we the 507 owners voted down in 2011 with the secrecy used, this year the Covenants are being voted on again in secrecy, in the privacy of some of the individual homes of the 507 owners of Lake Tarpon Village with a ballot distributed by new home owners.  Many who signed this "ballot" thought they were merely signing for receipt of the documents included.
Especially note: 1997 was the last year Lake Tarpon Village had a Covenant.  We will not lose our 55 and over status as the president stated at the board meeting.  We are not required by any law to have a Covenant. The pages here are the ones that were presented door to door for a vote in March 2012.  This vote taken door to door was then  turned into Tallahassee to be a recorded governing document.  Statements made to encourage your vote either way is unconstitutional (see cover letter), those that took your vote were not aware of the intent.  If they had ever been at a board meeting, they might have understood.
I see these pages as giving the board ownership "sole and exclusive" of the common grounds, and the right for the board attorney to take the owners of record, the 507, to court for violations.  This is where I believe the board attorney was in favor.
The last documents provided here are the Florida Statutes addressing this 2012 issue of "Revitalization".  There are many flaws in what was done in March 2012.  Note in 720.405 (6) A majority of the affected parcel owners etc., Majority is often used as a synonym: could mean 2/3 majority, simple majority, supermajority, absolute majority.  Who decided on the 51 percent?  Also see 720.405 (5) 14 days before consent is sought.  The documents that follow the Florida Statues are the original UNITS map.  This was presented by the owners to the web master of the site while discussing the wrong that is now  going on in 2012.
WHAT IS MRTA?  Florida Statute 712 (FS712) is also known as the "Marketable Records Title Act" (MRTA).  Note the word "Marketable."  This legislation is designed to make property more marketable by eliminating many claims and encumbrances on property after 30 years.  It is a great benefit for many homeowners.  What is happening to the homeowners of LTV is a total reversal of what MRTA was meant for.
There were no minutes taken  for this MRTA committee.
Owners were never allowed to speak on the issues or on the language that was changed.  When a Covenant is changed, the language is presented with strikeout deletions and parenthasis for additions. This was never done.  Our village has been under a gag order at meetings since December 2011.  We feel our civil rights are being violated by not bringing any of this before the owners at the annual meeting in January.  The board said in later meetings that they hoped to quickly put MRTA for a vote to get it passed.  (without discussion of any kind)





Original documents of "Lake Tarpon Mobile Home Village"
                               Units    2              2A              3              4
Units 1,2A,4 were the only units submitted to Tallahassee with the door-to-door vote.
Vote shopping was a possiblity.