Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc
2010 Cash Receipts were not Allowed on Yearly "Cash Receipts and Dispursements" as required by Florida Statues.
Omitted data make for muddy water. WHY when mandated by the State of Florida?  See "YouTheOwner" Financial
for full one-page and cover.
Watch your mail box. June is acting independent of the board again. Tony Tescano had the proxys ready

to mail before his attorney sent this letter back to him.  June waved the papers over her head at

the March board meeting stating she hoped to have the proxys mailed April 1.  This is a blatant act of
enforcement for control over the homeowner.   Lawsuits to follow, which forces the owners to pay her bill.
June "shame shames" the owners and is allowed to work independent of the board. These are shameful
actions, and this president should step DOWN.
The board is looking for volunteers to add information to their "" per Tony Tescano

The website needs some updating, there are meeting minutes missing that need to be scanned in, the Budget, operating and balance sheet are all the October 2009 financial.  These papers are a simple scan, and there is no one of our 507 that is able or willing to do this .  Does anyone on the board's favored list wish to step up to their needs.  Ameri-Tech is going to find an outside source to provide us this service.  This has never been brought up at a board meeting, it has never been placed in our bulletin.    

We, the owners, have to pay and follow up to have an outside provider update it .  Does anyone in the village know that this was a free service provided by PMS to begin with and now it is a $500 Ameri-Tech charge to keep the website and a quarterly charge of $65 to not update it, but just keep the site on line?   


FINES from the rules and regulations become board DESCRETIONARY money.  Troublesome changes are frequently for the worse. 

First of all, the three that are running for office again, will be on the board for seven years.  There needs to be some limit written into our rules and regulations on board term - so that there is fairness in representation.  The January 21, 2010 meeting agenda stated we would have a paralegal named Troth to explain the new rules and regulations to the board.  These rules are not to be mistaken for the rules from the committee appointed last year.  Those rules weren't strong enough for June or her advisor.  Instead we paid for an attorney to give his (I won't tell you how to vote on rules and regulation, but I won't be living here with my family SPEECH) a waste of attorney dollars.  His speech was non-informative.  It was only evident that the language that went into the 16-page unapproved copy came from his office with samples of rules used by his 40 other clients in mobile home "parks."  Director/Pres. June was very upset that the owners were given the rules and regulations and said she knew how they got out because she earmarked each of the copies given to each board member to show their betrayal.  She had each of the eight sign a statement to secrecy.

The large attendance of owners were given all due respect except for June’s relative, David Burnham, who was not given the microphone and was quickly dismissed by her after she had  asked for questions from the floor about Brighthouse.  Director Miles stood up in David's defense to ask that the board stop giving orders from the podium and give more consideration to those in the audience; June spoke out against a group of people who continually disrupt the village board, there are several groups involved, and  there does need to be representation of owners before this board.  This meeting had an excellent attendance of owners because of this earmarked handout.  Amazingly we had a report on grass, Director Ed’s sales pitch on the Brighhouse increase "adding" it to the monthly maintenance fee whether you want it or not if voted for, and Director Patty who was surprised that there was a vote without her by the board about Weed Busters monthly charge in her area…the boat slips, Patty said it is a waste of money.  She was never called, Director John reported on light junction boxes around the pool, Director Sue gave a financial report, Miles stated there were financial inadequacies, and he wanted more information on our finances since two years ago we were told we were broke by Ed Page the board accountant who does the yearly audit for $6,000.  Miles asked "Where did the money come from that we have now?"  Then June made her report explaining why it was necessary to have such private board meetings on the rules and regulations, her friends clapped after she took her best shot against the residents that took up the cause of our right to know.  Actually saying “shame, shame on you”; all before we had the board attorney’s speech.  He said he was asked to show samples of common rules and regulations of other “PARKS”, he has 40 “parks” as clients.  He made a sample packet of common rules and regulations used in these “parks”.   

The owners came to this board meeting to see how each of the board members would react to these regulations that were passed out by volunteers, and what questions would be asked by the board before they vote on three board members next Thursday; this was not satisfied.  The board asked just one question addressed to the floor about the age change from 18 to 40.  It was a majority of hands that voted against the age change, and the process was stopped immediately.     The three we vote for/against next Thursday were stepping on eggshells, so there was little discussion from board members vs. their attorney about the issues that were so dramatically changed from our copy in the office file.  We have never voted on Rules and Regulations and they cannot be recorded until we do, or IF we do.  They are not mandatory. 

Joe, a long-term resident, spoke before the board; he tried to get the point across that for 40 years there have been few violation problems with the homeowners in our village.  

The new attorney language brings to our village more fines, more board control, more court costs; less homeowner rights to privacy, to selling our homes, to family visits, background checks for 55 + retirees.  "Rules approved by Management" language as if we the owners are a separate entity from the 9-member board. 

The by-laws are being reviewed by our association that meets on the second Tuesday at 7pm.  These by-laws were recorded in October 21, 2005 by Barbara Ruddick without a vote.   Without a vote from the owners at the time, the By-Laws are not enforceable either; they were recorded because it was required by law. 
The By-laws are being reviewed at this time also to conform to the Rules and Regulations.  The by-laws and rules and regulations should have conformity.  The Rules and Regulations should mirror the copy in the office file.


March 22, 2009

June turned her back on the voice of the owners in Lake Tarpon Village.  Many comments from the owners of our Corporation not-for-profit were stated before the board to keep Ed from being re-assigned to the board. Kay was not chosen even though she had more votes than Ed by 50 at our annual meeting of the owners. President June argued with Miles in our March meeting about not automatically assigning Kay as she knew that Nick V was resigning before we had our vote.  Nick never lived in our village. Why and How did the board do that? Proxy by board members maybe? He was voted on when people didn't even know him. No reflection on Nick, we loved it when his first real platform was to recall Ed.  It backfired when he was not a yes man.  He saw things as the business man he was.  To bring Kay onto the board would have been the right thing to do. But, June of her own making has further divided the village by insisting on the one candidate that resigned 6 months ago.  Ed had a nasty sign off in our bulletin when he resigned, stating he was not healthy enough to take office, asking the 5 owners who championed the village with protests take over the management (two were on our ballots).  Ed also stated that these owners were the reason PMS Management resigned.  We now see how PMS did the owners in our village great harm with intent.

June further deepened this drama and insulting the intelligence of the owners going through all the trouble to be interviewed taking up time from owners interested in leading when it was Ed she was only going to allow on this board. Two from our new management company stood in defense of June's inappropriate decision by reiterating several times of it being done incorrectly due to the need of cohesiveness of the board.  Who is not going to be as intelligent and informed as any of the ones we have voted on so far?  Does anyone have a true description of the non-cohesiveness of Kay, of Gordon, of Moe, ect. that was said by the management company we pay but serve this board, who also called the violation of Tony Moscato's 1st Amendment right to the freedom of speech as "frivolous."  The choice of the president to vote and Dick O to abstain from voting carried a loud signal as did the non-applause from the owners when Ed was appointed AGAIN. The golf club did not fail to recognize his inability to lead when he lost in their election this month.

September 9, 2008 New Management Company

August 11, 2008  $3,921 RECOVERED

3/12 Ed G takes over as Webmaster
7/1 Financial statement posted in the bulletin made no sense to the residents.
7/3 Sue Digrandi resigned at today's meeting. She gives 60 day notice.
It was announced there will be no board meetings for August and September
Residents suggested that an audit be done when the new management company comes in. (To become licensed as a Community Association Manager (LCAM) a person simply contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in Tallahassee. They regulate LCAM's. An excellent source of information is CAI, Community Association Institute, are you a member? You can call Laura Hagen at the St. Pete office 727-345-0165. They have lots of info and seminars) Anyone in the village can be a licensed management company!
7/5 Sonja receives letter requesting the clubhouse for town meeting November 12 evening.
7/5 Tom sends email to the board and passes the contents to 170 residents. The email is posted on this blog just below
7/6 Ed calls DaMonte to get another management company
7/8 Sonja confirmed Nov 12 date for the clubhouse for LTG with some objection occurring
7/8 Storm with some damage to the village two homes lost their roofs
7/22 Consent form defeated with 208 including the 70 or so solicited by Ed Gs group for those he knew did not vote.
7/23 Ed and Sue close down the swimming pool and have it emptied even though the repair could have been done without the draining. Enough of the owners who use the pool complained so that Ed and Sue were forced to re-fill the pool and remove the crime tape used to secure the area, so the residents would not be concerned that a crime was committed or was there.
7/23 Ed resigned from the board at a meeting that was not posted. Nick, Sue, Paula were present
7/25 another meeting at the office with Paula, Kay D, Nick and Sue A
7/28 Sue A takes over as president
8/11 Three board members showed up for the meeting. Nick V didn't arrive until 25 after three. Sue A had Paula C looking for a telephone in the office that the repair man left. Paula C went looking for it in the office and came back to say she couldn't find it. Sue A sent her back to the office again and this time she said she found it. After Nick V got there they started the meeting and couldn't make a connection with June S. After trying several times Sue A gave up and used her cell phone, and after three or four tries she finally got to June S on the cell phone. June S kept complaining she couldn't hear anything on Sue A's cell, but finally they took a vote to appoint Judy Y to the board. For the Record August 11, 2008 from our LTG: Rarely in the last four years of the board's existence has a meeting been held properly and by the rules. No one can remember any. Will there be minutes for today's board meeting as there was for the secret meeting when Glenda hired PMS. LTV recovered the $3921 on the fence, but there was no deposit for the $3,921 in the July bank statement. We will look in the August statement. The attorney fee to get this $3,921 back will be on the August statement. The pool repair was $500, the refill cost will be on the August water bill.

8/4 From an E-mail: At the Monday meeting next week at 3pm the remaining board will appoint Judy Y to the board replacing Ed G, there is not a quorum of board members so they will do it over the phone. June S is acting president and is not in Florida so Sue A is acting sort-of president. Sue Digrandi of PMS was told that our documents do not state anywhere that a quorum can be acquired by adding someone by phone. Her answer to Gordon M was "Oh well."

July 24, 2008 – WHAT NEXT $9,700.18 SPENT FOR NOTHING

You have to watch the shop or someone is going to take your money:

$3,921 for a FENCE we didn't get, and now

$5,779.18 for a CONSENT form we didn't want

$9,700.18 is what we paid out while we were gone for NOTHING

corrected figures for the consent form: Postage $ 518.20 +Printing $532.98 + Attorney $3,328.00 + two attorney trips to club house at $700.00 each= $5,779.18 spent on consent forms

July 1, 2008 Delivered to All Summer Residents This Week




The purpose of this message is to offer you information to protect the common goals and funds of our Village. Do you honestly think that the current nine member(s) Board of Directors and the professionals it hired are successfully maintaining our Homeowner Associations Assets for the common good of the remaining 498 shareholders of our Not-For-Profit Corporation?

1). I got upset when I received my “Consent” style ballots in the mail asking me to consent to three issues the Board wanted me to vote in favor of or not vote at all. I thought to myself I been in the United States of America all my life and never have I been told to vote in favor of anything or not at all. To add insult to injury, at Koffee Klutch the other day, the President of the Village HOA, Ed G., was overheard asking his friend to go door to door to tell homeowners who did not vote as of yet, to vote.

I thought to myself a couple things. Why would the President of the Board think anyone who did not vote meant to consent? How did the President know who did not vote without opening the ballots? Why are we voting when the snowbirds are not in town?

The Board members hired our Village attorney to facilitate HOA Meetings in March and April in which he discussed our need to raise money to sustain the operations of the Village and change a rule/regulation. During this period, the attorney designed the consent ballots. Our financial records indicate we paid the attorney just over $4,900 during March April and May. If we are in need of money, why hire an attorney and pay him $4,900 when we elected a Board of Directors and we hired a Professional Property Manager (CAM) who gets paid $32,000 to be in on our office 5 hours a week or less?

I want to tell everyone a couple other issues why I feel our HOA management is failing to perform its’ fiduciary duties that come with the job.

2). The first week of May the Board posted a letter written by the HOA CPA suggesting the Village did not have enough money to operate on a day-to-day basis.

The letter dated May 1, 2008, signed by our HOA CPA Thomas Edward Page is a Florida Certified Public Accountant since 2001. The CPA is using December 2006 financial information to paint a picture of dismay clearly making it sound as if we are near a state of financial distress in my mind and in the minds of others. His words as…………the Association has used funds for major repairs to finance current operations…………these conditions create an uncertainty as to the association’s ability to continue .The whopper comes in the paragraph…. Please be aware that this Note does not indicate that the Village could be run with the money that is now coming in. Any mention to the contrary is a distortion of the facts. From inception through December 31, 2006, the Operating Fund has borrowed $126,226 from the Reserve Fund to pay for Operating expenses. This is a clear indication that the Village cannot be run with the money that is now coming in.

Then on June 5, 2008, (36 days later) the CPA presents his audit report to the Village for the year 2007. In the report the CPA states in Note 5 in part, the Board waived the debt ($126,226) during 2007.

My point is the CPA knew while writing the May 1, 2008 letter that the Reserve Fund had a positive balance on December 31, 2007 of $118,303. He should never have written the letter posted poolside.

Apparently the entire Board, the CAM and the CPA have something against us the homeowner. The letter posted poolside was nothing but a well planned distortion of current facts. Keep in mind the attorney facilitated two meetings and told the attendees we needed to raise our monthly assessments!

I suggest you call our CAM, PMS management @ 216-3217 to get a copy of the CPA letter dated May 1, 2008 and a copy of the 2007 Audited Financial Statement. Stop by the office on most Thursdays sometime after Noon until 5 PM. The office is rarely open right at noon for some reason.

3). Early this year all of us received the 2008 Operating Budget that the Board approved. If you still have yours great, if not you can get a copy from the office or contact me and I will get you a copy.

The Board approved the Budget. The budget showed the Village would have $66,464.36 Total Reserves if all goes as planned. The way I define the term reserve is the extra revenue money after the day-to-day operating expenses and other cash items are satisfied.

As I examined the Proposed Budget, I noticed Major Repairs of $35,400 buried in Building and Common Grounds as a day-to-day item. This mistake went unnoticed by PMS and the entire Board so I want to point it out to you right now. The Reserve Balance should be $101,464.36.

Then I noticed missing income figures. PMS Management failed to report Apartment Fees ($14,370.59), Storage Compound Fees ($13,537.85), Operating Interest ($930.89), and Miscellaneous Income ($10.56). The dollar amounts in parenthesis came from March’s Bulletin are 2007 actual income figures. The total underreported revenue is $28,849.89. PMS Management did not report in the budget that we would buy seven LC Shares at roughly $14,500. I determined the adjustment to Reserve Funding to be a positive $14,349.89.

The Proposed Budget should have a Total Reserve $116,215.25. In other words, my friendly HOA neighbor, our Board and CAM made a mistake of close to $50,000 in the budgeting process and no one caught it. The Board, the CPA, CAM and the attorney all told us in one way shape or form we cannot make ends meet on a day-to-day basis, yet here is proof they are all wrong. Frankly, we have more than enough money to operate on a day-to-day basis.

4). We get the 2008 Proposed Budget in the mail and there is no mention as to what it will cost to replace the storm drains in the bottom of the Village from Independence Ave to Hamlin Lane and beyond and all the other work. What is a Budget for, I ask. As of this writing, we have yet to receive this information in the Bulletin or otherwise.

5). If we do not have enough money to operate on a day-to-day basis how could we have paid the Engineer roughly $40,000 and Klootz Construction $110,000 cash? I want to be honest with you; I cannot confirm these figures because I only get Income Statements. These dollar figures will be on Balance Sheet s and we only get them once a year unless specifically requested. My point is if we cannot run on a day-to-day basis, why spend the money? It was obvious that a repair was necessary between Independence Ave. and Hamlin Lane, why did we need to repair the storm drain half way out to Lake Tarpon.

6). If we do not have enough money to operate the Village on a day-to-day basis, why did the Board hire a contractor to asphalt over 3200s.f. of Independence Ave. to repair an area of 150s.f. tops?

7). Did you know on April 4 2008, Ed G., President of the Board gave a man a cashier’s check in the amount of $3,921 as a down payment to purchase and install a fence around the Compound? Then the man disappeared. The Board had a meeting subsequent to this episode and did not even think to admonish Ed G. Ed is still our President and he is still a check signer.

8). Do you know that the HOA has to re-visit the storm drain work completed in the summer of 2005? We have to hire a contractor to dig up the soil alongside the storm drain and have him add some kind of different aggregate, tamp it down and stuff like that so the pipe does not shift. Our CAM CAN explain this real well. I highly suggest you to have a talk with the CAM on the subject matter. The owner of Klootz Construction told me this should be the project given our highest priority.

9). The Board hired a contractor to replace storm drain from Independence Ave. to Colonial Blvd. alongside 130 Colonial Blvd. in 2006. Today the utility meter post in the center of the yard(s) is sinking. Residents observed the contractor failed to install a doghouse underground, which was specifically called for in the written contract, yet the contractor received full payment. We have to re-visit this construction project. Do you see a trend developing?

10). The CPA provided our 2007 Annual Audited Financial Statements available to all homeowners. I determined there are a couple errors in the Notes to the audit report and pointed those errors out to the CPA, the Board via email, Board member, Miles L., and our CAM personally and I have yet to hear of a correction in progress. Our CAM agreed with me as to the reason for change that affected two Notes in the audit. Unless the audit report is changed, we wasted $5,000.

11). Last year George E. wanted to hold a meeting of homeowners in the clubhouse to discuss issues that Ed G.. President of the HOA thought might have been something the Board might not want to hear about. Ed told George he would have to fill out a Petition for the use of the clubhouse for the meeting and get 100 or so homeowners to sign the Petition and then after getting the signatures the Board would take up his request at the next board meeting. Personally, I thought that was childish on Ed’s part. I recall the USPS mail person received a baby shower in the clubhouse. What do you think? Do you oppose using the clubhouse for meetings without having to invite the entire Village people? Do you oppose using the clubhouse rooms for a family get together without having to invite the entire Village? In George E’s situation, he wanted the entire village to show up and Ed G. played games with him! We are an HOA with common grounds. The clubhouse is not yours and it is not mine. We all own it for use by all of us so let us share it like most other HOA’s do with their common grounds.

12). The current Board will go right after us for parking our cars on a sidewalk and yet more often than not you will find a car parked on Ed G.’ s sidewalk! Ask his neighbors I am not kidding.

13). The Board wants us to raise our monthly maintenance fees and yet it never went to renegotiate with the Apartment owners to increase the Apartment User Fees.

14). The Board never gives us the 14-day Special Written Notice about upcoming Board meetings telling us they will be discussing changes to our covenants, parcel use and rules and regulations pursuant to Chapter 720 FS. Not only is this special notice Florida law, but it is common sense. The notice would tell all of the HOA members that the Board is thinking about changing the majority from XX to XX and stuff like that ahead of time. Today 150 of the same homeowners go to the meetings and 357 homeowners stay home or are up north. These 357 homeowners are voters that the board fails to appreciate/recognize and then when it is time to expect a vote to pass, the Board wonders why only a hundred or so people voted. The Board’s method of doing business has failed since inception in August 2004. Every vote failed by a landslide because (maybe) 350 voters had no clue.

15). The Board is going to tell you it cannot pay to mail out the Notices and I am going to tell them you the Board paid that attorney to facilitate two meetings, paid to asphalt 3200s.f. etc. What costs more?

16). Can anyone give me a court case that will allow a Florida HOA to lease dock space to individuals as we do? I mean on a first come first serve basis and for as long as you want to lease the dock space. Can anyone tell me how it can lawfully? The dock area is common ground. The dock area is recreational property. The dock area is no different from the pool area. I suggest someone ask an attorney, contact Highland Lakes CAM, and do something, because everyone is able to share in that dock space. This is now an HOA and not a sole proprietorship. Respectfully, Kimball’s rules no longer apply. Look into it.

17). I mentioned a program that the University of Tampa offers to Board member Nick V. wherein students guided by their professors will come in the Village; analyze our documents and finances to develop short and long-term goals for the Board to consider. The University’s program is in demand by many local businesses and it is my understanding gets raving reviews. I was thinking the Board member would get all excited about the helpful thought especially because it was sometime during May when the CPA told the Board we needed to raise assessments etc. Nick never looked into it.

I hope that I gave you enough issues to get you thinking about recalling the Board this fall because others and I are going to need your vote. It will take a majority of homeowners to petition to remove the Board members a seemingly daunting task. The Board wants us to think we are in a crisis. We are not in a crisis, we are at a crossroad, and the Board itself is in the crisis The HOA began in August 2004 and run as a mom and pop operation. Do we want the HOA managed ethically and professionally guided by Florida Statutes using current business techniques and common sense?

Will you help make the Village a better place this fall?

Tom K 211 Ind Although I am a morning person, stop by anytime.

JConsent to keep existing Board members, CAM, and CPA.


Lot #

Printed Name


I wonder how the Board would like it if we had this Consent ballot mailed out. Also since when do we have Lot #’s?

UPDATE July 6, 2008 An e-mail was sent in response by a board member with an intro from the originator of this message: Also you might want to post the news that PMS quit July 3, 2008.

Lake Tarpon Village Residents:

I received this email from a Board member in response to my message. You can guess which member sent it to me. The email proves my point. The Board member just does not get it. You can read CRISIS written all over it and yet we are at a CROSSROAD. This Board Member's Mission Statement must be to KILL THE MESSENGER. The response I received included my letter so I wonder why the Board member asked for my message. I am asking residents to help the Village by getting together this fall to recall the Board, and the professionals it hired because of 16 inadequacies of the past 4 years. This act is commitment to the Village. Many homeowners responded to my message and thanked me for coming forward with my message. The two active groups’ membership grew. On a scale of one to ten, I did a 9.5 positive for the Village.


The E-mail from a board member re Tom’s handout:

Its people like you that's wrong with the village. All complaints, no answers. You hide behind the letters you passed out. Where is mine and the rest of the boards? Are you afraid of us seeing what you are handing out???? I had numerous calls from people about the long list you passed out. There is such a lack of commitment to the village we cannot even get people to run for the board, let alone sign a ballot to change documents or raise funds so we can get this place back to the way it should be. We have a lot of repairs to make and rising costs for 2009.

We need to build up the village, not tear it down. I am not wasting my time with you anymore.

July 1, 2008 Financial Statement for May 2008 LTV

For your review Click on the above jpg file

Thank you Tom K for your research and support for the village residents!

We pay $77.39 x 507 residents = $39,236.73 a month

From this figure I see that our expenses were $30,046.32

The reserve therefore, should be $9,190.41 not the $5,538.70 as it appears. We also have income from the apartments, the boat slips and the storage. We pay out in January for 7 shareholders of the LC that was determined by the judgment of 2004. We also get income from collected arrearages (this writer was personally caught up in the outrageous attorney/PMS tumble that was not merited. These collections do not appear on the financial even though they are collected. Maintenance Fees delinquent is what appears. If this figure is received $5,267.21 where is it applied? To our reserves? To our $128,125.54 abundant working collateral?). We pay $731 in workers compensation each month that no one can collect on because there isn't anyone on our payroll where we pay social security taxes. We pay for solar repair for this month of $486.68; this was never to be added to the village expense as stated at the board meetings, solar panels were placed by private donations from a small group and not voted by or for the village, it was a bad idea because our pool stays cold all winter as before.

I would like to add here the following:

The board is preparing strategies to have the village change the 75 percent vote to pay off the mortgage before 2019. We are presently paying more on the principal than has been reported at our meetings. It now shows on this financial that yes indeed we are paying more on the principal.

We are the owners of our properties, and we make the final vote on all issues because we are protected by our Covenants. Please make sure the present board, management company, their attorney and their accountant do not take this right away from you through any information that makes it seem like a good idea "for the village,”

The only thing we have left from the judgment of 2004 when we were placed under a 2.5 million dollar mortgage is the cap given to allow the powers that be to raise fees only by the Social Security Index (a fair and equitable amount with 507 supporting the raises). If this was all the village recaptured as our privilege from that judgment, it is imperative that we maintain this privilege that protects our residents from any misappropriation of funds. We continue diligently to keep funds for what the funds are intended for...not a wish list by the nine and PMS. The Covenant language should never be left to an attorney's new level of language which could leave us with directed language to be used against the retiree. The language in the Covenant has some old language that does not hurt us in any way. This language has worked for over 40 years. It is good language. DO NOT open the Covenants.


June 12, 2008 Need another “Consent” form to remove PRES

Ed G Remains President, Why?

At Thursday's Board meeting and after hearing the facts as to the missing $3921, the Board did nothing to Ed G, President of our HOA. I wish to remind you a couple months ago Board Member Nick V called for Ed G' s resignation and now when we have reason to admonish and strip him of check signing privileges at the minimum, the Board chooses to do nothing.

April 4, 2008 Ed G went to the bank and picked up a Cashier's Check for $3921 to make an advance payment for the purchase and installation of a fence to go around the compound. The person receiving the check cashed it and disappeared.

Historically our documents call for two signatures on our checks. The banking industry will not support our two-signature requirement, but this is not to say that our President Ed G had the authority to override our documents.

The newspapers, television, policemen and others consistently give the same message "Do Not deal with any contractor that is unlicensed; Do Not deal with any contractor that has to have money upfront; Contact certain agencies to check and see if the company you plan to deal with is reputable.

It is my understanding Board Member Don Ke drove Ed G to the bank and between the two of them, neither one of them could smell a rat. Everybody and his brother know Board Member Don Ke was a businessperson and between the two of them, we ended up losing $3921 or $7.73 per homeowner.

Why in the world would Ed G sit at Koffee Klatch feeling sorry for him?

I wonder why the Board did not call for Ed G be removed from the Board; I wonder why Ed G remains President of our HOA; I wonder why he is a check signer.

I wonder about this entire Board.


June 12, 2008

Dear Ed Page CPA:

You are well "off base" by stating the Village of Lake Tarpon Inc. cannot support itself on a day-to-day basis in our audit and elsewhere. Per your own Cash Flow Statement in your own audit of the Village of Lake Tarpon Inc. Cash increased $96,686 during the year 2007.

The Board of the Village of Lake Tarpon approved a budget for 2008 that projected $9,300 per month discretionary income to operate the Village day-to-day.

You, Sue DiGrandi, the Board are only causing great harm to the homeowners. Worse yet if the Village ever need to get a loan in the near future, your poorly chosen words in the 2007 audit will be good reason to be denied a loan.

There are plenty of reasons for you to come back and restate other opinions in your audit. I suggest you do so quietly. You can explain all the reasons to the Board Ed Page, by now you know what is wrong with other Notes in your audit, if not, contact Sue DiGrandi as I am quite sure after my discussion with her this past Monday she can help you .

Tom K

211 In

For those of you wondering about the year 2006, the Village cash increased $39,883 per Ed's audit. By examining, Ed's actual to budget expense report for the year 2006, we spent $36,332 more than we budgeted.


The 2007 audited financial statements are available in the office. If you have Adobe Reader, you will be able to open and view the attached 2007-audited financial statement.

Ed Page's words indicates to me he is a one man operation and by our CAM and Board allowing this wording and actually looking for these words indicates to me an extreme lack of professionalism and business knowledge

In all my years I NEVER examined an audited financial statement that stated an entity was questionable as to a going concern on a day-to-day basis.

For those of you who receive this email and do not know I am an accountant by profession. Feel free to contact me via email.

Do Not Accept My Word: I personally challenge the reader to examine the paperwork, take the 2007-audited financial statement to their accountant, tax lawyer or to a person you trust and ask the person for their thoughts on this matter. Our CPA is by far off base with his opinion as to our being a going concern on a day-to day-basis.



Now from a favorite website, a few favorite songs:


and another one is:

Keep your rules off of me!
America! Home of the free!
I paid in full for my home and land fee
So, keep your home owner rules off of me!
I bought my house and closed on Memorial Day.
The closing costs and dock stamps I did pay
But on one of those many, damn papers
Which one I don’t recall
It said, "Congratulations!
You’re now the member of a mandatory HOA for all!"
I just want to be free!
I can be a son of a B!
So, keep your petty rules off of me!
One day I got a letter
From a lawyer I never knew
It said, "Dear Ma’am, You’re in arears
Three years of home owner dues!"
Keep your rules off of me!
America! Home of the free!
I paid in full for my home and land fee
So, keep your home owner rules off of me!
Well, I went to the next home owners’ meeting
I met the petty tattle tales on the board
One anal woman who looked like a hag
Was pissed about her neighbor’s big America flag!
There were other little nit pickers
Who didn’t like the flowers in my yard
One man complained
That his neighbor was gay
And thought he had the hots for his dog!
At seven I stood up and yelled,
"This is America! Land of the free!"
I lit a fuse
And blew up them rules
And that was the very last meeting, you see!
Keep your rules off of me!
America! Home of the free!
I paid in full for my home and land fee
So, keep your home owner rules off of me!
I just want to be free!
I can be a son of a B!
So, keep your petty rules off of me!

May 22, 2008 Consent form does not allow a NO vote

Look at your consent form. Realize it is directed when there is nowhere to place a NO vote. We do live in America. The board, their attorney, the management company have a non-democratic mentality.

May 20, 2008 The Board’s Consent Form Mailed tomorrow

The consent forms are being mailed out tomorrow. Beware of what you
will be giving up if you sign this consent form.

If you read the 3 pages about changing the vote from 75% to 55%, the
right to fine you up to $500 and adding 15% to your maintenance fee.
Which they will be calling assessments instead of maintenance fee.

I believe it states that at a board meeting if there is a quorum of
110 people whether proven to be couples or owners of property in the
village, and the board askes for a vote, and a majority vote yes on
any subject it will pass. In other words if 56 people vote yes on
any subject it will pass for the whole 507 residents.

I recommend that you read the consent form very closely. I also
recommend that you do not sign anything,do not mail it back to the
Village Board. Just throw it away, a non-vote is an automatic no

Please don't give up the rights of the people of this village. The
people of this village should come first, not last. Pass it around
and let the people that you know about what they are giving up if
they sign this consent form.

May 15, 2008 Board Meeting

The board had a meeting today about assessment for $2,300. They have been told over and over by the owners that they cannot have meetings on assessment without a two-week notice. Since most of the owners of the village are visiting in cooler climates since the beginning of May, two people showed up for this meeting. The president read a letter from the board's lawyer ironically, part of his letter was that the board cannot discuss assessment without a two-week notice to the owners.

April 26, 2008 Mass Exodus of the Village

Consent form or Vote by Consent may be on the May 1 board meeting agenda

No one has seen it. DO NOT Sign

Beware, watch directed language or confusion of a yes or no as in the past

Someone should mention that there should be a worksheet with the financial report showing deposits and checks that are written out for payments from the petty cash…to whom they are being sent to for payment each month. Owners have asked for this many times in the past but refused by management.

April 6, 2008 

Facts not Fiction

Fact - the clubhouse has a new roof

Fact - the clubhouse has a new air conditioning system

Fact - the clubhouse has a new heating system

Fact - the clubhouse has new hurricane doors

Fact - the clubhouse is rated up to a number two hurricane

Fact - we carry liability insurance and hurricane insurance

Fact - the pool has been all refurbished

Fact - the fence around the pool is grandfathered in and does not have to be replaced

Fact - colonial and independence are under 1 mile

Fact - Philadelphia is about the same – under 1 mile

Fact - the roads that need to be resurfaced are approximately 2 miles

Fact - beneath 85 percent of our streets there are no drainpipes at all

Fact- 90 percent of the drains have been repaired or replaced

Fact - the water lines belong to the utilities of Florida and are not our responsibility

Fact -sewage lines belong to the Pinellas County sewage Department and are not our responsibility

Fact - this village has never been delinquent on any expense

Fact - couple years ago George E. and his crew completely rebuilt the dock including some pilings

Fact – The dock was done by a hand full of men on their own time. This year repair was done on the walkway raising the level for boat entry for easier access

Fact - the dock should only need general maintenance

Fact - we heard a lot of scare tactics at the April 3 and May 1 board meeting. There will be three different "consent forms" sent out. For the sake of the village and the majority of the village who live on fixed incomes, do not sign or return ANY consent form. Consent forms are used only when the issues are already unanimous issues.

Fact - the total amounts in the bank as of April 5, 2008 is a little under $200,000. The auditor, Mr. Page said that this village could be run with the money that is coming in. His letter of May 1, 2008 conflicted saying we are borrowing $126,226 from this. We now will research and report in the future the findings.

The very concerned owners of Lake Tarpon Village

Mitzi & Don W, John & Marlene N, Bill B, Dean Y and Gordon M.

March 26, 2008  Oppose S2470 per e-mail



Dear Friends, Homeowners and Condo Owners,

In the coming week the owner-friendly association bills will be heard in various committees.

It is of outmost importance that all of you and friends and neighbors write e-mails and make telephone calls in support of the bills as described on the page. I have listed all committee members of the committees and added all members on combined lists for the folks who have little time. Single e-mails are more effective!

Please be assured that there will be something good for everybody. It is imperative that you all support these bills -- and rather write a few more e-mails than too less. We need these bills going, supported by all of you -- no matter if you live in condos, HOAs or CDDs. GET BUSY!

Don't forget to write e-mails opposing S 2470. It's bill trying to circumvent safeguards created for owners.

Bill Analysis: "The bill also authorizes the levy of special assessments without owner votes regardless of declaration, articles or bylaws. It can also borrow money and pledge association assets as collateral to fund emergency repairs without unit owner approval." THIS IS A BILL SPONSORED BY CALL !!!!!

Love your wallet? Oppose the bill! This is detrimental to your financial health!


Take care


March 17, 2008  Letter To The Board


A matter of importance to this village should be looked into by the village attorney.
According to documents and records when the LC bought the common ground the reserve account should have been turned over to the LC by Mr. Kimball and that was never done.

We recommend that this matter should be turned over to Mr. DiMonte as soon as possible. There is a possibility that some money may be able to be recovered by the village from Mr. Kimball. Our understanding is the statue of limitations is five years on matters like this

Secondly is the matter of the water rights that were sold by Mr. Kimball years ago. That was illegal according to our covenant. Our understanding is that the statue of limitations has run out on this issue. That should be looked into by the village attorney.

However there is the issue of the property on which the wells sit. Was the property sold with the water rights? If the answer is no, this village should have been and still should be compensated by utilities of Florida Inc. for the use of our property, rental fees or otherwise.

Our hope is the board turns this matter over to the village attorney as soon as possible to be looked into.

We hope that these issues are not set aside and just taken Under advisement.

Concerned owners of Lake Tarpon Village
Bill B, Ed S, John N, Dean Y, Gordon M & Rhinney C

March 5, 2008 Town Hall Meeting 7pm

Come one

Come All

Town Hall Meeting

We are asking all to attend

Where? At our clubhouse

When? March 5, 2008

Time? 7 p.m.

Special guest speaker Barbara Stage, ESQ


Homeowners associations

Duties of the board members

Rights of the people

Question and answer session from the floor.

Everyone is welcome to attend and ask questions.

If you are truly interested in seeing this village go forward, you must attend this meeting.

You must not miss out on being informed about the future of this village.

Sponsored by concerned homeowners of Lake Tarpon Village

PMS and the Board have a Town Meeting of their own on Thursday March 6, 2008 2pm – 3pm

At the clubhouse with the board’s new attorney since last spring when they fired Robert Tankle for his inappropriate running of our election March 26, 2007. Our new board attorney since stated by board members at the April 2007 meeting is Mr. Jonathan Damonte

There will be a question and answer period with the questions that are submitted in advance to PMS, a few will not be answered due to the time limit of one hour.

The 507 village membership will pay indirectly for this meeting with the monthly maintenance fee.

The Town Meeting on March 5, 2008 was paid for by a village interest group whose needs are to discuss the duties of the board members and the rights of the owners who support any of the board’s decisions financially, where there may be disparity.

February 28, 2008


Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc.

Dick O

Treasurer Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc.

Subject: AnthonyM Dispute (refer to letter of January 17, 2008 to the Board)

PMS has requested specific payment information from my bank for August 2007. PMS was aware that the two payments were made on August 7, 2007 for $151.30 for July and August, and another check on August 31, 2007 for $75.65 for the September payment. These two payments were sent in good faith to the normal monthly channel to comply with the LTV requirement.

I was not aware that I had to pay the August 31 payment of $75.65 a second time because PMS had put a block on the account for this payment only. All other payments before and after were accepted. The next payment was sent November 5, and the last one was December 4 before we were made aware that all of our monies were going to an attorney we the management fired. Mr. Tankle was getting any monies we were sending to LTV after August, leaving us with a deficit on our account that showed a constant default in payment each month even though we had been paying as we always have these ten years, and paying on a $2 million mortgage with Bank of America since 2005 when Bill Palmer, who moved out of LTV, signed without asking for a vote from the 507 that were left to pay it. Another illegal act forced on us for the small amount of amenities of the common grounds. I am a homeowner in the Lake Tarpon Village, I did not buy into this mortgage (Judgment of February 13, 2005 Case No. 03001909-CI-15), and I am not buying into this management company that seems to now run Lake Tarpon Village.

PMS is the problem with our account. PMS called the bank and had our checks sent to her company, and she processed our checks and forwarded all of our monthly payments to Attorney Tankle. Attorney Tankle we fired in the spring of 2007.

Through much inconvenience in time explaining all of this nonsense, and dealing with our banks for the years' audit of each of our payments, we now have a statement from CC Bank concerning the August 31 payment that is in question. The payment was made in good faith by myself to LTV, the address was correct, the account number was correct, and CC Bank said everything was correct on our end for this payment. The culprit of this non-payment was PMS who caused the August 31 payment to be "non-deliverable" and it was returned to CC Bank. This was not noted by me until the time of this writing when I called for the copies of the two August checks in question.

I am willing and totally able to keep my LTV account in good standing, but with the accounting system of PMS it is almost impossible to right this wrong doing on their part. No one seems to want to address this. PMS must make this right because no one else can unfreeze this account. The part I do not understand is the degree of difficulty that PMS promotes in these matters. This was an easy fix. PMS works for me and 506 other residents, we ARE to be heard, and we are to be served by her because we pay her paycheck directly, I do not intend to be dictated to by her and an attorney we fired. For this reason I put in my suggestion that we fire PMS also.

Please correct this matter and I would like to write a check out for the current years' deficit with the guarantee that it will be applied to my bill and not Attorney Tankle's fee. Any judge would agree no payment is necessary to a firm I fired directly. I was there, I have the firing on video tape, and it was done before any of these charges were awarded to Attorney Tankle. This is another forced act without regard to fairness just like the 2005 mortgage.


Anthony M

January 11, 2008 Engineer Report – Minor changes required

This report cost us thousands

January 4, 2008 PMS says Robert C. Tankel Fired

There is a discrepancy here. PMS was copied this letter, and Robert C. Tankel states he takes the money directly from the assessment fund in our bank with permission from PMS who freezes the account and then does not report any received revenue on the financial report - there is no line item for this type of transaction. Someone is in trouble. All the payments were received from this owner, but each month there is a deliquency because the attorney is sent the checks designated to the membership account. From this letter, every payment sent designated for the monthly dues is not credited to the village but sent to Robert c. Tankel until his $422.15 is paid for sending two letters. Please go to our web site for the village to see 2006-07 at the bottom of the list of activities. There is a U Tube reel of why the board fired him. PMS did not fire him as the Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc. debt collector as she should have in respect of the membership requesting this man no longer have anything to do with our legal matters. We now have a new attorney assigned to the village; and this tyrant with his preditory personality should not be allowed to benefit for his unprofessional ethics.

January 4, 2008 PMS says Robert C. Tankel Fired

There is a discrepancy here. PMS says he is fired and yet PMS uses Robert C. Tankle for questionable credit collection company. No monies are reported on Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc. financial report when they are collected.

I may have missed something in 720 .... In 720 on page 19 you have 720.3075. Then you go to page 20 and there you have 720.3086.

There is no 720.3085 that I can see??

October 18, 2007  Didn’t we fire this guy in April?

Inappropriate letter from an attorney who wasn't sent his pink slip. He ran our voting fiasco last March and in April's board meeting it was stated that he was fired.

I may have missed something in 720 .... In 720 on page 19 you have 720.3075. Then you go to page 20 and there you have 720.3086.

There is no 720.3085 that I can see??

October 18, 2007

The board has nominated Don K as the new board member. He worked very hard last year on the compound.

August 29, 2007 Inappropriate Letter from a management company to an owner:


2708 All. 19 NORTH - SUITE 603 * PALM HARBOR, FL 34683 (727) 216-3217 * FAX (727) 216-3219

TO an Owner/Manager of Lake Tarpon Village

RE: Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc. YOUR PROPERTY

According to our records you are in arrears for your monthly maintenance payment in the amount of $75.65.

This may be an oversight on your part. If you have proof of payment, have copies available and call this office (727) 216-3217 IMMEDIATELY ... DO NOT WAIT! If payment has not been sent, please remit your payment within ten (10) days, from the date of this letter.

Remember to make all checks payable to Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc. and not to

PMS Management Services, Inc., in Palm Harbor, FL. Make sure your account number is on the check.

Per the new Florida Statutes 720, which became effective July 1, 2007, this will be the ONLY notice you will receive, from this office, PRIOR to sending the the Association's Attorney.

If payment is not received or we do not hear from you within ten (10) days from date of

this letter, the matter will be forwarded to the Association's attorney for further action.

Should the Association's attorney advise us that a lien has been filed, if applicable, our office will stop accepting payments via your direct debit from the bank. It will be your responsibility to contact this office (727) 216-3217 to re-start your direct debit with the bank after the lien has been satisfied as this is associated with your personal account.

Should you receive lien notification from the Association's attorney, you must contact them directly. At that point, the file would have been turned over to the respective attorney from our office.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our office DO NOT WAIT UNTil IT IS TOO lATE (sentto attorney), we are here to help you.


Accounting Department

PMS Management Services, Inc.

August 20, 2007

Check out the new web page created this month for our village info from the board and PMS management services:

May 10, 2007 Response to Bulletin

Reply to Ed G’s May bulletin letter. May 10,2007

We homeowners who care about this village do not use scare tactics. If you want to see and hear scare tactics? All you have to do is sit down and watch eight or 10 hours of video taken at the board meetings. We report the facts to the best of our knowledge. Our sources are documents and files from the Village office, PMS, the state of Florida, county of Pinellas and attorneys.

As far as the ballot, it was mentioned by one of our attorneys that the ballot should have said vote yes on the $200 special assessment or vote no on the $200 special assessment.

Not only was the ballots mailed out late. Some people never received a ballot. The evening of the voting became a three ring circus. Some of us thought last year's meeting of the assessment vote was ridiculous the way it was conducted. Sorry to say our dear board toped that one this year. You know it and just about every one in the village knows that a none vote is a no vote. So the count that night was 299 yes, 104 no, 4 voids and 100 none votes. Total 299,104,4 and 100 comes to 507.

As far as the election what can I say except you are playing with words. Most people in the village believe that we should have had an election.

Number five in your rebuttal leaves a lot to be desired. The project for $91,000 is not even a bid from any company. We understand that we have somewhere around $130,000 to do any work in the village and that’s not counting $60,000 or more in reserve. Talk about scare tactics, your figures are a good example of scare tactics.

Also we understand that you have the engineer getting the bids on the work to be done on Independence. That is a conflict of interest on his part and you should put a stop to it. We have people living in the village full time that could handle that job of getting bids for any work on the drains or the roads. We have one man in particular that has built roads, streets, highways, drains, bridges and one airport. I also understand that you received a report from another engineer firm stating that the work on independence could be done a lot cheaper then your engineer is proposing. When are the people in the village going to see that report?

Your No. 7 In our document we mentioned the engineering report, the engineering report for the seawall and the beautification program. Engineering report is now up to $18,000. The seawall report was a little under $4000 and beautification program was $7,000. By our math that comes to a grand total of $28,000. We have no idea how you figure out your total of $7,000.00?

Reply to No. 8 You quoted article VIII. Shell be managed …… that is not management. As manager or board member you can be fired by the owners of this village. But the board cannot fire the owners of the village. You are in office only for one thing, the people of this village. Not for yourself and your ego. So you are not management. If you go back to when Kimball owned the common ground, he was owner management, then came the LC also owner management, now the people of the village are owner management.

We really don't know what your agenda is? It surely isn't in the best interest of this village. If you wouldn’t be throwing money out the window on engineering fees. There has been at least two studies before this last one. How many times during a storm have you or any other board member gone out into the village to take a good look at the drains? I can tell you this, a handful of people in the village have done that and have taken pictures. You would find that the drain on Hamilton Lane never backs up no matter how bad the storm is including hurricanes and the same goes for the drain at the end of Independence. We have watched while the fire hydrant was being drained hours on end, it never backed up.

If the board members knew what they were doing. Do you think we would be doing this? The answer is very simple, NO. We could be enjoying our retirement. As I stated before our statements are as factual as possible. We do not use scare tactics like you accuse us of. The board is guilty of using scare tactics. One more thing, in our original document we stated get out and vote. That was changed when we saw a handful of red signs posted in yards stating vote yes.

Very concerned homeowners of Lake Tarpon Village.

Bill B, Ed S, Jack Ui, John N, Dean Y, Gordon M, Rhinney C, Bob K and others.

May 03, 2007 Palmer Moving Today!!!

Moving truck is in the drive and a POD is sitting in the drive.

The Village Board Of Directors received the resignation of Bill Palmer on Thurs May 3. So, a position is open on the board. If you are interested, you can send a resume to your board president, Ed G.

The thousands in reserve will take care of our needs until next January when we will be able to vote for new board members. We will need people who have run businesses to run a successful village. Too much in reserve has a reverse effect and gives the village a false sense of immediate need to assess. The reserves are for just that. We carry the burden of the mortgage to January 2018. Summer of 2007 we are paying outragous electric bills while everyone is up north. We are also paying for the outrageous interest and closing costs due to poor judgment on two mortgages March 30 and June 23 2005, by someone who was given the authority to sign a document in our behalf, but he did not take the time to report to the owner/managers the documents or take the advise given by the owner/managers present in the summer - to look for a better deal with Bank of America on both occasions. Thank you for the bill Bill, and goodbye!

March 26, 2007 DEFEATED AGAIN…Yes 299  no 208

An attorney hired by PMS management services, Robert Tankle ran the village meeting protested by the owners. The membership requested that the meeting be conducted by the board, instead Tankel Robert L PA 1022 Main Street Suite D, Dunedin, FL 34698 ran the meeting with scandalous misuse of his authority. He was sanctioned by the Florida bar for abusing the judicial system more than once in his career. His display before the membership validated this, especially the committee conducting the ballot vote. He treated the chairperson conducting the ballot vote Monty M and Jim D with such disrespect that they spoke before the membership that they would step down, and Robert Tankle continued his disrespect to the owners who are paying his bill. He misrepresented the board, and refused to sign the petition provided by the membership shown below. He was asked twice after he read the document.

The following is the document presented to Robert Tankle:


As part of the board, voting committee, and attorney present on March 26, 2007. I agree that the vote made for the Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc. is a legal vote held within the guidelines of the village documents.

This election is strictly for a $200 assessment. No other monies will be considered attached to the yellow blank voting card.



Now - more about Atty Tankle:

Attorney Robert Tankel, Dunedin, has chosen as his website address. Guess that says it all? If not, just read the announcement from the St. Petersburg Times, dated December 11, 2003: "Robert Leon Tankel of Dunedin was suspended for 15 days and given 18 months' probation. Tankel, 47, made a false statement while representing a client, the Bar found. "

March 12, 2007  PMS Management Services, Inc. (Letter)

(not in compliance of Bylaws, Bylaws state 15 day notice)


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in accordance with the Bylaws of the Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc. that a Member's Meeting, for the sole purpose of voting on a proposed Project #1 - Special Assessment, will be held at the following date, time and place:

DATE: Monday – March 26, 2007

TIME: 5:00 – 8:00 pm

Place: Village of Lake Tarpon Clubhouse

Dear Village of Lake Tarpon Resident:

On January 25 and February 22, 2007, your Board of Directors hosted two Village Meetings for the purposes of discussing the various areas of deteriorating infrastructure (storm drains and roadways) and asked you, the residents, to participate in offering suggestions for resolving the funding issue to complete the projects.

As a result of those meeting four district and different options were presented, namely:

1. Special assess to pay off the mortgage
2. Combine a special assessment that would partially pay down the
principal of the mortgage and raise funds to repair the infrastructure.
3. Institute a “buy-in” share, of a given amount that would be purchased
by future owners
4. A “Special Assess As Needed” program.

After the pros and cons of each option were thoroughly discussed, a straw poll indicated that the residents present favored the “Special Assess As Needed” program, wherein projects would be prioritized and as each comes up, the membership would be asked to pass a special assessment to fund that particular project. THERE WILL BE NO OTHER SPECIAL ASSESSMENT REQUEST IN 2007!

Therefore, based upon the information gathered at the Village Meetings, on March 1, 2007, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to take the “as needed” approach and ask the membership to vote on a Special Assessment in the amount of $101,400.00 or $200.00 per unit, to fund Project #1. Project #1 includes the storm drain rehabilitation on Independence Boulevard and includes the repair behind the seawall cap in the vicinity of Colonial Boulevard. A meeting, to vote on this Special Assessment will be held on Monday, March 26, 2007 at 5 PM in the Clubhouse.

The estimated construction cost of Project #1 is $93,763.00, with a small contingency figure of $7,637.00 to cover any unseen expenses, for a total of $101,400.00 All money derived from the Project #1-Special Assessment will be deposited into a separate account to be used only for that project. At the end of the project any remaining funds will be deposited to Reserve-Line Item 3110 (Infrastructure). Should there be a project shortfall; the funds will come from the same line item.

According to our governing documents, a Special Assessment MUST be approved by a 75% affirmative vote; meaning if only 127 people vote NO, OR DO NOT SEND IN THEIR BALLOT, THE Special Assessment will not pass and other steps will have to be taken to fund the project.

As of the date of this notice, $69,839.74 is the amount in the Reserve Infrastructure Money Market Account. Clearly you can see, if this Special Assessment doesn’t pass, the cost of Project #1 will wipe out the Infrastructure Account and the remaining $40,560.26 balance will significantly drain the Operating Account.

Enclosed in this mailing is a BALLOT, a SECRET BALLOT ENVELOPE and a PROXY ENVELOPE (for use ONLY if you will not be at the meeting). The PROXY ENVELOPE is used only to establish a quorum.

If you WILL NOT be at the meeting, please do the following:

1. Vote your BALLOT.
2. Insert in the BALLOT ENVELOPE and seal.
3. Insert sealed BALLOT ENVELOPE into proxy envelope AND SEAL.
4. You MUST complete information on PROXY ENVELOPE and SIGN AT THE BOTTOM, in
order to be counted towards the required quorum.
(No one will know how you voted, as once your name is entered towards the quorum and the PROXY ENVELOPE opened, the unopened BALLOT ENVELOPE will be placed in the ballot box.)
5. Affix a 39¢ stamp and mail.

If you WILL be at the meeting:

1. Vote your BALLOT.
2. Insert in the BALLOT ENVELOPE and seal. – YOU DO NOT need the PROXY ENVELOPE.
3. You will sign in at the meeting and deposit your BALLOT ENVELOPE in the ballot box.

One of the many duties of your Board of Directors is to pledge that they take the measures appropriate to ensure that the Village of Lake Tarpon serves you well, not only today, but into the future. And, in order to help your Board achieve that goal, your Board of Directors is asking for your support and recommends that you vote YES for the project #1 Special Assessment. Again, please be reminded…There will be NO other request for special Assessment in 2007. Your vote is very important!


A coupon in the amount of $200, will be mailed to each residence, with a return envelope for easy payment, that will be due no later than May 15, 2007. However, if this one-time payment poses a financial hardship, please contact Sue DiGrandi at PMS Management (727) 216-3217. Sue has been authorized, by the Board, to make confidential payment arrangements were necessary.

Further, if you are in the process of selling or listing your residence, you MUST inform your agent and/or any prospective buyer of the Special Assessment.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns relating to this matter, please feel free to contact me at (727) 216-3217 or via my personal email at
For the Board,
M. Susan (Sue) DiGrandi, LCAM
PMS Management Services, Inc.

Enclosures: Ballot, Ballot Envelope and Return Address Proxy Envelope

March 2007




2708 ALT 19 NORTH SUITE 603-A (PMS)


To date NO financial has been reported by BillP of the monies spent for "beautification". Nothing has been paid for by the county grant. These were not "free" monies to the village. It was monies spent. This topic is very evasive at each of the board meetings throughout the year. This was BillP responsibility to report, and it has not been done.

**** Now for a report on our WATER increase...

"Customer" Meeting Tuesday, March 6, 2007 Docket No. 060253-WS, Utilities, Inc. of Florida

For Pinellas County water rates going up: from $2.31 per 1k gal - to $4.08 per 1k gal

Sample of a complaint processed on line:

Using as little water as possible is the only way to ward off this new increase proposed with Docket No. 060253-WS. There will have to be desparate measures used to keep our utilities from doubling as our fuel charges, property taxes, property insurance, hazard insurance, auto insurance have all increased with our food bills. On fixed incomes the water is the wrong utility to double at this time. Pinellas county does not service our storm water run off from the county road (Lake Tarpon Rd), and the State of Florida does not service our water run off from their state road (US 19) both entering our property of Lake Tarpon Village Mobile Home Park. We pay double already with no service. Our village pays for the resurfacing of our roads and the infrastructure. We need a break in there somewhere. Please advise.

To process your own complaint start with continue to the complaints. Click on consumers look for Utilities Inc of Florida and use the Docket No. 060253-WS

You may also Fax 1 800 342 3552 giving your property address, name docket phone and your full complaint. The meeting will be held at 6pm Tuesday, March 6 at 7530 Little Road, New Port Richey. This is the meeting scheduled for Pinellas county residents at 6pm. The facility name is "West Pasco Government Center" in the Commission Chambers Board Room

Look at your utility bill. We pay Pinellas County for sewer charges. Pinellas County does not pay us for the use of our village for exit storm water returning to the lake through our infrastructure from the county road to the south of the village. US 19 is a state road.

February 2007

There were 137 residents present (including couples) for a straw vote. Predetermined by the board but not announced to the owners of any agenda. PMS said there was not going to be a vote of any kind. This board determined that a straw vote...was not a vote. The majority of the 137 was in favor of "pay as you go" assessment, THE 370 residents not in attendance VOTED NO! STRAW VOTE DEFEATED! EdG of his own decision went on to announce a vote in March 2007 for an assessment of $200 per household. This vote will also include language to change the documents that protect us to eliminate the 75 percent vote in favor of 66.66 percent or two thirds.

MEETINGS THIS MONTH: February 1 "regular meeting", February 8 "village meeting" CANCELLED according to MarianneF at the pizza for Goldtones, February 15 "planning meeting", February 22 another "village meeting" with EDDY PAGE CPA to answer our questions. He has been hired by the board to report on how we should handle our finances.

Page 20 of "The Law of Florida Homeowners' Associations" 6th Edition. Peter M. Dunbar, esq., Charles F. Dudley, esq. states:

The notice for a membership meeting, whether annual or special, must contain the date, time and place at which the meeting will be held. If the meeting is a special meeting, the notice must include a description of the purpose or purposes for which the meeting has been called. The notice of meeting must be mailed with postage paid to the address of each member shown in the association's records, and the notice is effective when mailed. ******

This regular meeting of the board is the first Thursday of the month so their information may be put in the March bulletin. PMS Management Service, Inc. was not able to give a financial due to the meeting so close to the end of January. No reports were given by any of the committees for lack of meetings by BarbR and PaulaC and no financial report was given by the grant of BillP because he was not at the meeting. SueA tabled the ramp at office. Credit card will be available in two weeks for EdG for $2,000 from Bank of America. Engineer report is not a proposal of the cost of the project. We will need at least three bids with time-lines of work completed before any assessment can be considered by the residents that will vote to either do the work or not. PMS Management Service, Inc. recommended that Eddy Page, a CPA be hired to respond to our financial needs. Reserves for each of our projects in the village were reported as village need by a resident. Conversation went on to not needing consideration of reserves, since the judgment of 2004 our $75.65 maintenance fee is applied to the mortgage, infrastructure cost, all beyond the "maintenance" fee. Eddy Page is a CPA and his figures that were on the audit were not available to the residents to determine what work had been done in the past. PMS Management Service, Inc. recommended we go to an attorney to find out how to address all the owners who were requesting copies from the office right now. This was not voted on, but she went on. Minimum workers comp policy need times/tasks (they will not be happy about electrical if we use electricians from the residents). An environmentalist is looking for clean (without oil) soil under the platform of the transformer to the side of the clubhouse. This was scheduled January 29, this is rescheduled. Under new business, the meeting was turned over to PMS Management Service, Inc. (who is not a board member, but a management company) to chair the vote of president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary consecutively EdG, JuneS,DickO,BarbR, This vote of officers was all pre-determined. Roberts Rules of Order are now in order by all residents to determine the legality of the president who was appointed and is now voted on within the board by PMS who is an employee of us, the owners.

January 25, 2007

7pm tonight with information on assessment.

Clubhouse insignificant bill, INCREASE IN BOAT SLIP FEES, Worker's Comp for undocumented laboror's and resident volunteers, alcohol at next Saturday's Italian night,

Number 5 means assessment, and is called "Town Meeting" group discussion regarding funding issues and options. *After a motion is 2nd, following board discussion, the floor will be opened for that motion. Discussion will be closed and a board vote will be taken on the motion.

Any voting done this evening will be done on the phone bill, boat slip increase, alcohol at the Italian night only. Any other action would be illegal.

Homeowners Against Assessments

MAY 4 2006

Village of Lake Tarpon Property Owner

Assessment $2100. Or $35 for 60 months (5 years) x 507=$1,064,700.00 (one million sixty four thousand seven hundred dollars)

$85,000.00 available from maintenance fee per year x 5 =$450,000.00 (four hundred fifty thousand dollars) Total $1,514,700.00 (one million five hundred fourteen thousand seven hundred dollars)

Mr. Fly’s estimate to repair storm drains and streets is $600,000.00  Already spent 5/06 $100,000.00 allowing for inflation $200,000.00

($600,000.00-$100,000.00 (already spent on storm drains)=$500,000.00 + $200,000.00 (allowed for inflation)= a total needed for storm drains and streets $700,000.00.  Over 5 years.

It’s a $700,000.00 dollar project why are they asking for $1,514,700.00 Dollars.  That’s $814,700.00 more than needed.

The “Funding Committee” was formed to repair storm drains and roadways.  Not the dock, waterways, recreational amenities, landscaping, or ???

The Board voted “storm drains & roadways” only.

Please ask the board and committee why do they need this amount of money?

The infrastructure will not erode the value of your home, but a Special Assessment will.

Also ask

  1. What is a “Limited Proxy?
  2. Who is on the Funding committee?
  3. Who appointed them?
  4. Are they qualified?
  5. Why can’t they do this at a town meeting?  What’s the rush.  It’s a 5 year project.
  6. In their letter of May 1, 2006 they say they have a “Master Restoration Plan” is it in the office?

Without answers to where the money will be spent, and why they need that much, we as a group recommend at this time to vote NO.

Homeowners against assessments


Also spent in 2004 and 2005, $30,000 for new roof on clubhouse, two heat & A/C units at clubhouse at $14,000 each, fence for compound $7,000, $2,000 for A/C unit in the office.  All paid with your maintenance fee.  Also bank closing cost of $30,00 for mortgage, plus legal fees of about $70,000.

May 1, 2006

Dear Village of Lake Tarpon Property Owner:

For a number of years the policy makers of the Village have struggled with the daunting task of maintenance and reconstruction of the community infrastructure, including: streets dock, waterways, recreational amenities and improvements, landscaping, entryways and storm sewers.  Unfortunately, the storm sewers and roadways continue to deteriorate faster than funds are available as well as the other areas of our community.  When funds are available only small areas can be added due to escalating costs.  Therefore, several months ago your Board of Directors appointed a “Funding committee” to investigate all the viable options available that could provide the revenue stream necessary to complete the work on a timely basis funded as close as possible at today’s rate.

The Committee, made up of residents like you, took their appointment very seriously.  They spent countless hours evaluating the project’s complexities and at the same time being mindful of all of our ever tightening budgets.  Early on, the committee came to the consensus that a Master Restoration Plan, funded by a “Special Assessment”, appeared to be the only reasonable answer, as delay after delay was only subjecting the project to tens of thousands of dollars in escalating costs.

There was considerable deliberation regarding the scope and the appropriate mechanisms for funding.  Various creative funding options were evaluated in terms of implementation difficulty, equity, political acceptability and the speed and reliability of each.  After all was said and done, and with consideration of the $885,000 that the current maintenance fee contributes annually towards the project the Committee has submitted the following proposal for your consideration.

   A Special Assessment, beginning August 1, 2006, in the amount of $2,100.

     Payable at $35/per month for 60 months or one payment of $2,100.

   Further, the Committee proposes to freeze the monthly maintenance

     fee at $73.23 per month for the sixty months of the assessment.

A separate bank account will be set up for the Special Assessment, which will primarily be used for the purpose of repairing the Village roadways and storm sewers, the canals and water facilities, the recreational area and improvements contained hereon and landscaping.

In approximately ten (10) days from this letter, you will receive another correspondence regarding the proposed Special Assessment.  In that correspondence you will receive additional information and a Limited Proxy for you to cast your vote.

We all have enjoyed the appreciation in the value of our homes over the past several years.  This Special Assessment is designed to insure that the infrastructure will not erode this value.  The Board recommends you cast your vote in favor of this Special Assessment.

   Together, let’s make sure our Village remains the best place in Florida to live.

For the Board and the Committee,


M. Susan (Sue) DiGrandi, LCAM

E-mail sent April 24, 2006

There needs to be a constant in the village, and that is a monitor of what and how it is run.  Presently, and not in previous boards to my knowledge, rules are disregarded for the good of a very few.  The numbers do not add up to what is being presented at board meetings, and there is a monopoly on who is informed on the board and who is left out of the loop within their group.

Issues are being voted on without any thought to research and discussion before a vote is forced by the few mentioned above.  At April 20 there was not an agenda at all until someone left the meeting and went to the office to copy 8 more for the other board members.  This is how they are informed of what will be discussed. 

When residents present their "rumors" to be addressed and opened for discussion, they are quickly rationalized away; and Bill P. quickly recommended and voted that issues not be read before the board because it is wasting valuable time.  Residents must now submit to PMS who will then decide if there are valid questions for the board to answer.

The following was submitted at the April 6 meeting to be answered by the board either by letter or during the April 20 meeting:

Subject:  Board not abiding by rules:

1.         No Agenda for April 6, 2006 available at the office or before the meeting.

2.         No meeting minutes for March 16, 2006

3.         Work contracted in the village need worker comp insurance and specifications must be written for what we are paying for.  Three bids per job are required and not abided by.  There is a one-man road committee.  Missed meetings with no follow up after an action plan.  Work done on week-ends.  They are only working on week ends.  Permits were not done for Colonial.  Is there a permit for storm drain between two houses on Colonial?

4.         Minutes are missing in the meeting book.

5.         Agenda should be available to all residents in attendance of Ad meetings.

6.         Spring clean up in April bulletin came after the letters went out by PMS.

7.         Decisions of any kind must be brought to the board for ratification and not against any covenant.  This is not followed on a regular basis.

8.         State “I do not approve” and make sure that it is in the minutes by board members.

Submitted Penny M

Note to this group April 24, 2006

The residents need to know how each of its board members vote on issues to know what is happening in these discussions.  This resident is seeing a constant: 

I will follow this with my first submission given to the board when not allowed to speak on March 16, 2006.  This was read by the president of the board with apologies from Bill P and Sue A at April 6, 2006 meeting:


March 16, 2006

At this time I would like to mention that the petitions written to the board unsigned are responded to.  I believe the people who are unable to sign their petitions should be asked to bring them to a board member to discuss at the meetings, so they can be represented.  The petitioner must be recognized as a resident of the village.  An unsigned petition could be from an outside concern.

Bob and Juanita were about the only two I voted for on this board

My friends and neighbors Bob and Juanita were scorned in the last two meetings of the administrative council.  There was a gang mentality visibly at work, and the residents sat in witness as the board swayed in favor of the ongoing dispute that is visibly compounded against these two members, the verbal venting of opinion instead of addressing their petition is unacceptable.  Residents were unable to respond by saying this does not follow the Roberts Rules of Order.  It is time now at this third meeting to let the board know a resident opinion.

Bob and Juanita’s petitions were valid; and as a resident, I was waiting for the response from the board to answer, at least saying to them that the board will note the comment and respond at their next meeting.  Their questions were not only not satisfied, but they were scolded as if they had just abandoned a sacred oath to not divulge the secrets within the board.   Bob and Juanita are told repeatedly “out of order” and “you are off topic” before they can get their petition to the table, and treated in an absurd manner.  Bob and Juanita are not inferior to the other seven, and they are not puppets of a few trouble makers in the village, but representatives of the whole body of residents.  They are elected officials and must be treated with respect and dignity as all the board members should expect.  Bob and Juanita take their job seriously and ask residents what questions they have and then bring them before the council.  This is a democratic practice, and a notable one.

I want their questions answered and available in the minutes.  Their questions were my questions, and the decisions and responses need to be in the minutes.  The annoyance you find with Bob and Juanita is that they are trying to make a change in the process used to govern this village, and this is what the village wants them to do.

I am requesting that their dignity be restored by an apology from the president for the actions taken in the childish and unacceptable attack witnessed on Bob and Juanita’s ability to serve, and the next time this occurs that the president call the board member “out of order” to keep order within the board, a primary duty of the president.  If the petitions brought to the table are not answered, they must be in the public record and responded to or assigned for further study and presented in the presence of the body in a future meeting. 

Residents cannot believe the Board is able to make sound decisions for all if there is disharmony and non compliance to the rules that govern their position.

I heard   sergeant of arms to have them removed

I heard   turn up your hearing aide 

I heard   we will try to rescind their chair

I heard   are you done

I heard   I can do it because I am the president

I heard

I heard


August 12, 2008  to Bob Duggan

I went on the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations and found our Inc as inactive because no one filed annual reports







In your expertise, what does this mean?

Detail by Entity Name

Florida Profit Corporation


Filing Information

Document Number


FEI Number


Date Filed






Last Event


Event Date Filed


Event Effective Date


Principal Address


Mailing Address


Registered Agent Name & Address


Officer/Director Detail

Name & Address


Annual Reports

No Annual Reports Filed

Document Images

Florida Limited Liability Company


Filing Information

Document Number


FEI Number


Date Filed






Last Event


Event Date Filed


Event Effective Date


Principal Address


Changed 03/09/1998

Mailing Address


Changed 03/09/1998

Registered Agent Name & Address


Name Changed: 04/17/2002

Address Changed: 04/17/2002

Manager/Member Detail

Name & Address

Title MGR


Title MGR


Title MGR


Title MGR


Title MGR


Title MGR


Annual Reports

Report Year

Filed Date