Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc

We, the owners of the Corporation Not-For-Profit, pay seven of these shares out each January until compliant to the judgment of 2004.  The monies will then belong to our village as a whole and not to the LC who originally purchased the common grounds (507 then signed the LC mortgage with Bill Palmer's hand for approximately $30 a month per household).  Monies from the the apartments sold by Ron and Hope Kimball and from the storage compound are delegated to the SHARE payoff each January.  These common ground facilities should then be free to the owners with a rotation of rights.  September 2, 2004 this certificate was signed by the president of the board of directors of Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc.  

Bressler, Clarence & Mildred 2

Anderson, Jon & Nancy

Ashworth, Alberta

Bailey, Howard & Jean

Bernard, Ricahrd & Joanne

Blocker, James & Shirley

Boone, George & Phyllis

Borchardt, Arnold & Gerda

Braun, Harold & Helen

Brickles, Jack & Gail

Brumbaugh, Thelma

Buchanan, Ray & Rosalind

Burns, Irene

Burch, Joseph

Byrer, Dale & Ruth

Caito, Philip & Betty 2

Calahan, Ken

Caulfield, Marion

Cannella, Pete & Caroline

Cannella, Caroline

Caulfield, Jim & Margaret

Cheney, Elizabeth

Conour, Dennis

Cook, June

Ott, Jeanie & William

Defibaugh, David & Karen

Dickinson, Florence

Dill, Dorothy 2

Dodrill, Roger & Marilyn 3

Dolinar, Charles

Doss, James & Pat

Dunn, Walter & Catherine 2

Ellis, George & Helen

Fate, Boston & Martha  2

Fischer, William & Shirley

Finn, John & Patsy  3

Foy, Emma

Freitag, Charlotte

Freeman, Martin & Helena

Freitag, Theodore & Jacqueline

Gerhardt, Kyle & Ruth

Guild, Arthur & Constance

Grabau, Edwin & Frances  2

Gray, Betty  2

Harner, William & Eileen

Haynes, Doris  2

Hensel, Fred  2

Hogan, June

Hoover, Moira

Hoy, Raymond

Hoy, Deloris,

Harris, Richard

Hughes, Gertrude

Hutchinson, Robert & Ida

Jandreau, Pauline & Edwin

Karsney, Sidney & Gertrude 2

Keck, Franklin & Joann

Kenny, Margery

Kercher, Marvin & Elizabeth

Kirk, Jacqueline

Koch, Robbie 2

Konyn, Bernard & Mary

Landberg, Bernice

Landers, Walter & Janet 2

Ledner, Elizabeth

Leenig, Lawrence 2

Lemon, Geraldine & Robert

Lewington, Harold & Marguerite

Leis, Richard & Dixie 16

Lukanic, Paul & Pauline

Linville, Oletta Kay

Mabie, Earl & Marietta

Mackey, David & Elizabeth

Maginn, Fred & Eileen  3

Malone, Gordon & Marie

Mansell, George & Doreen

Martin, Frederick & Lorraine

Martin, Alfred 2

May, Betty

McColgan, David & Betty 2

Mefford, Arthur

Mefford, Arthur & Jesse 3

Merrcurio, Lillian

Molyneux, John & Rosemary

Morgan, Georgina

Morse, Thomas & Vivian

Martin, Mary

Murison, A.E. & Phyllis

Mayhew, Eileen & James

Nay, Virginia Adalene

Noble, Larry & Marjorie

O'Dell, Wanda & Charles

O'Dell Charles or Wanda

Olson, Edward 2

Onderlin, George & Florence

Palvis, Richard & Eileen 2

Ahn, Evelyn

Parrish, Richard & Alberta

Pawlicki, David

Phillips, Lucille

Pickle, Milton & W Lee

Plant, Carl & Patricia

Porter, Donald & Olga

Prather, James & Marilyn

Randall, Lois 2

Robinson, James 2

Rodgers, Robert & Antonette

Schaffer, Carl

Schmidt-Raab, Amy

Schneiderman, Jean

Schipper, Theodore & Helen

Seeley, Harry & Josephine

Sidebottom, James 3

Sidebottom, Waseeta 2

Smeby, Foster & Marion

Spray, Frank & Margaret

Stovell, Earle & Margaret

Stutzman, William & Betty

Swanson, Herbert & Louise 2

Taladay, Louis & Patricia

Tarantino, Eleanor

Treadway, Karen & Donald

Vogel, Audrey & Gustave 2

Walsh, Marjorie & Ken

Walden, Stanley & Glenda

Weers-Schardin, Eleanor

Weaver, Dick & Carolyn 2

Wettlaufer, Jay & Bryan 2

Westenfelder, Mildred 2

Windscheif, William & Carl

Wile, Michael

Wilcox, Ray & Shirlee

Winegard, John & Doris

Worl, Dean

Yarnell, Nina 2

Zbierski, Wanda

Billing, Marjorie or Baus, Fonda