Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc

Attorney Demonte
Spends hours in the courtroom for "upscale communities" screening their prospective home buyers.  Same as HOA and condo laws are slight differences.  I have many communities that deny them, (prospective homeowners).  "You the board control the rules and regulations when the owners vote any in
Majority of the lots change the rules once we VOTE any rules in "(51%).
June Sloan
"Shame shame shame" to those who brought it to the owners what was being planned for their personal property rights.  Miles that's enough, sit down.  I am not the only one saying it.  You are a part of the board, My Son."  (Miles attorney? son?   My Board."
My Ider is take the first three sections with YOU residents, and something we can all live with.  Some people thought they could cause a problem.  
**Do you get the implications here?
Patty Hill
Was not given the oportunity to vote on Weed busters
Tony Tuscano
The owner has to follow the rules that they moved into the village .with
March 2010
March 2010 -The board assigned Tony Tescano to find an attorney for the 2nd opinion on the current rules and regulations that are in dispute as of the March 2010 meeting Miles suggested two attorneys to the board; Miles is our resident attorney who is also a board member.  Tony was given the choice.  His choice was Joseph R. Cianfrone P.A.  Tony Toscato did the suspected thing and did not give Joseph Cianfrone the full set of documents.  Joseph Cianfrone should give his opinion of our documents to the board; instead he is calling Demonte. 
Miles stated that the board should meet again after the second opinion.  June stated at the end of this same meeting she would try to get the packets sent out by April 1 (before any board meeting) actually 7 days after this March meeting.  Tony Toscano stated he could get the packets out within one day of her directive after his choice of 2nd opinion was received by June.  This writer believes nothing will be changed in the rules and regulations that are presently in the boards' hands.  The same copy that is also under "comic strip" in this website.
Tony Toscano was assigned the privilege to chose the 2nd attorney, the next meeting will be the third week in April.  June wants the packets to be sent out with immediacy.  If this is given the amount of time required to give a thorough investigation as to who is management, and most importantly whether a 51% or a 75% vote is required to vote on this issue, it will not be done in April.  There MUST be time for discussion and communication in another board meeting with the owners.
Number 6 B. DEFINITIONS of the proposed rules and regulation makes Tony Tescano THE management.
June and Tony have taken a CAM class which teaches them how to control the membership.  We are not looking for control.
 Sue made up the vote document.  Broken down two ways.  Left side new rule/right side old rule (vote for either); no NO vote allowed here.  The rules that are completely new will have a yes/no to be CIRCLED.
June stated that there would be a Consent signed and dated (as a waiver of their obligation to determine ownership) the vote in another envelope put in another envelope to Ameritech will go to them with your return address on the outside.
If you want to withhold your vote until you are better satisfied with the board input into the rules or vote for these at the annual meeting, merely do not send in your packet.