Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc
This information on this flyer was discussed with the board in earnest.  This flyer was distributed with signature throughout the village.  Please take a minute to read through this.  The board will have a meeting the April 15.  We hope to continue to discuss the issues stated.  June Sloan insisted the proxy ballots would be sent out the beginning of April.  This board must conform to the wishes of the owners.  All of this pertains to the page marked Comic Strip under the title "BOARD".  The rules mean to CONTROL not protect the owner.
Inventive board and cam invent hurdles for unwanted board members. 
101.011  Voting by paper ballot.--
(1)  In counties where paper ballots are used, each elector shall be given a ballot by the inspector. Before delivering the ballot to the elector, one of the inspectors shall write his or her initials or name on the stub attached to the ballot; then the elector shall, without leaving the polling place, retire alone to a booth or compartment provided, and place an "X" mark after the name of the candidate of his or her choice for each office to be filled, and likewise mark an "X" after the answer he or she desires in case of a constitutional amendment or other question submitted to a vote.
(2)  No paper ballot shall be voided or declared invalid in any election within the state by reason of the fact that the ballot is marked other than with an "X," so long as there is a clear indication thereon to the election officials that the person marking such ballot has made a definite choice, and provided further, that the mark placed on the ballot with respect to any candidate by any such voter shall be located in the blank space on the ballot opposite such candidate's name.
(3)  After preparing his or her paper ballot, the elector shall fold the ballot so as to conceal the face of the ballot and show the stub attached with the name or initials of the inspector and hand it to the receiving inspector, who shall detach the stub and return the ballot to the elector to deposit in the ballot box in the presence of the inspectors. The detached stubs shall be numbered consecutively and filed by the inspectors.
(4)  If the elector marks more names than there are persons to be elected to an office, or if it is impossible to determine the elector's choice, his or her ballot shall not be counted for the office; but this shall not vitiate the ballot as to those names which are properly marked, and nothing in this code shall be construed to prevent any elector, at any general election, from voting for any qualified candidate other than one whose name is printed on the ballot.
(5)  Any elector who shall, by mistake, spoil a ballot so he or she cannot vote the ballot may return it to the inspectors, who shall immediately detach the stub, destroy the ballot without examination, and give the elector another ballot. In no case shall an elector be furnished with more than three ballots or carry a ballot outside the polling room. The clerk shall keep a record of all ballots destroyed.
(6)  At a general election an elector may vote for a write-in candidate by writing in the name of such person in the blank space provided.
PROXY LAW -  if not in our 720 you go to 718 under condo law
What is the difference between a general proxy and a limited proxy, and when are they used?
A general proxy allows a proxyholder to vote however he or she sees fit on any matter that may be undertaken at a specific unit owner meeting in the absence of the voting interest. General proxies may be used for matters for which limited proxies are not required.
A limited proxy lists certain issues that a proxyholder may cast a vote for on behalf of a voting interest, and also instructs the proxyholder on how to vote on those issues. Limited proxies must be used for votes taken to waive or reduce reserves, votes taken to waive financial statement requirements, amend the declaration, articles of incorporation or bylaws, and for any other matter for which a vote of the unit owners is required. A proxy form may grant a proxyholder both general and limited powers. Limited and general proxies may be used to establish a quorum. The division has available Sample Limited Proxy Forms, known as BPR form 33-033.
PROXY from Webster
the agency, function, or office of a deputy who acts as a substitute for another
 a: authority or power to act for another b : a document giving such authority; specifically : a power of attorney authorizing a specified person to vote corporate stock                                         
 a person authorized to act for another : procurator
Anthony Toscano CAM31190 
   Amerii-Tech CAM             Business   CAM 1448                                 
Ameri-Tech voting process  
Stay in your seat, we will come around with manila folders to collect your   vote.                                                          
Allow the membership to cast their vote from 5:30-7pm, then announce that candidates that are written in will not be counted unless an (x) is placed next to their name. 
Eliminate write-in votes without an (x)    These votes will not be counted.                                                       
Proxy votes are not accepted when brought in the day of the vote.  These votes were not be counted.  The proxyholders were turned away from the voting committee per Ameri-Tech representative, Tony Toscano.
No pictured ID required
Tony Toscano was asked what rules he went by.   He answered while this writer was in his office, "We made them up."  This is no joke.  This was a serious issue.  This writer is interested in the next election and what  rules AmeriTech will make up.                                                  
The person placing a stamped ballot in the manila envelope to later be put in the "sterile" locked voting box does not necesarily need to be an owner.  Remember Tony Toscano and Mike B
These votes will be counted.
In the package we received, the     General Proxy Ballots enclosed was called an "absentee ballot"
Nothing stated in the package we received  that  an (x) was required on write-in candidates.                            

June Sloan, Sue Anderson, Dick Ortengren remain on the board for three more years. 
Jan Mackey, Penny Moscato, Carl Windchief ran this year.
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planned town meeting vote proposed for February 22
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Replacing Glenda Walden, Robert Duggan, Fred Fly
April - Dick Ortengren Sue Anderson elected.  Fred Fly and Bob Duggan resign due to the disrespect given her by the board members. 
AUG 17 -  Ed Grabau nominated by board for the board/starts immediately
He was not voted on by the owners.  Glenda Walden passed June 2006.

OCT 19 - Sue,Fred,Barb,Paula,Bill,June appoint Ed Grabau president, starts immediately. 
Juanita Wilson resigning due to the disrespect given her by the board members
This position is not discussed with the owners nor are there volunteers asked for.  Strictly up to the board's descretion of candidates. 
November 16 There are (2) two positions open with the board agenda
Nominated by the board to the board:
Sonja Ginani
No explanation why two positions are not filled.

December 4. Patti Hill is nominated by the board to the board 

April 4, 2005
Oversite committee WILL TURN OVER SEATS TO new elected board on August 31, 2005
*Sue Anderson
*Paula Chamley
*Robert Duggan
*Fred Fly
*Bill Palmer
*June Sloan
*Glenda Walden
*Juanita Wilson
Appointed by Atty Hightower