Village of Lake Tarpon, Inc
Owners of Lake Tarpon Mobil Home Park
Original Owners
Before we became responsible for the 2004 Mortgage:
Who made the decisions for the village as we broke away from sole ownership in 1997 from C. I. Larson and Kimball
Who and How the first decisions were made to develop our present mortgage and the running of our village common grounds?
Larson Book 2722 P256 11/27/1967 Ronald Kimball Enterprises, Inc.
1967 from Larson the developer 1977 Kimball purchased as Owner of Common grounds, he and his wife managed the village with "the association" as intermediaries
LLC Records Book 9951 P 2567 Dec 31, 1997 $1,650,000 $53.50 maintenance fee 30 and 50 Liberty Way $12,000 per year Limited liability company taxed as a partnership NO assurance of any return on investment
1994 George Moyer, President Committee for Progress 1997 Landon Pendill Sr., Chairman, Lake Tarpon Village Corporation Jeanne Brumbaugh, Kay Dunn, Dixie Leis, Georgia Post, Pete Robinson, Herb Swanson, Audrey Vogel
Roger Dodrill, Chairman of the Board; Audrey Vogel, President; Kay Dunn, Treasurer; Ina Morgan, Secretary; Bill Stutzman, George Ellis, Dick Weaver, Bob Prather, 2 seats Mar 22 2002: Ken Walsh Carol Cannella
2003 January 17 Carol Canella President
First board THE TRANSITION TEAM assigned between L.C. and non L.C. George Dodrill, Don Hoover, Ray Buchanan, Ted Freitag and Ken Walsh
Officers to serve until first election of officers by the Directors: R. Nathan Hightower, Esq. President 625 Court Street, Suite 200, Clearwater FL 33756 Ronald H. Trybus, Vice President P.O. Box 800, Tampa, FL 33601-0800
Second board APPOINTED by the transition team in August 2004 Pres. Bill Palmer (new to the village), Vice Pres. Glenda Walden, Fred Fly, Margaret Stovall, Patricia Finn, Patricia Allen, Jim Doss, Art Guild I. ; and Monty Monticello, John Noah, (who walked away the same day)  
Third VOTED board of April 4, 2005 9 seats President, Vice President, Secretary were voted on in a closed meeting of 3 after the April vote. Bill Palmer, Glenda Walden, Fred Fly, Barbara Rudick, Paula Chamley, Bob Duggan, Sue Anderson, Juanita Wilson, June Sloan
Fourth VOTED board of March 22, 2006 (3) seats four ran This board will begin September 2006 Bill Palmer, Glenda Walden, Fred Fly, Barbara Rudick, Paula Chamley, Bob Duggan, Sue Anderson, Richard Ortengren, June Sloan
A ninth board member was needed and voted on with the board August 17, 2006 Bill Palmer, Fred Fly, Barbara Rudick, Paula Chamley, Bob Duggan, Sue Anderson Richard Ortengren, June Sloan, Ed Grabau
Is there a deed? Yes a Quit Claim Deed 2005025743 Bk 14076 Pg 568 recorded 3 pages Pinellas County  by:
Our only document showing ownership of the common grounds.    Signatues: President C. Dunn, Kenneth Walsh, Caroline Cannella. stating that they verified the votes.  The votes were counted in the Nathan Hightower's office in Clearwater. Notary: R. Nathan Hightower, esq.

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